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Is Ethiopia’s rendezvous with history really arriving, or are we in some fantasy?

24 May

“I don’t believe you should put the future on hold in order to bring the past to account.” 

 Mohammed Heikal’s advice to Egyptian revolutionaries, Al Ahram, 19 May 2011

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin


Ethiopia & Egypt: Fresh optimism for new beginning

The question of utilization of the Nile River is not simply a matter of national sovereignty or spiritual issue for Ethiopia, as Abbay has always been viewed by tradition. Nor is it mere symbol for demonstration of patriotism that would barely go beyond emotions and sentiments. This time with Ethiopia’s determination to utilize it effectively, the Nile must become the potent mechanism Ethiopia has needed to lift millions of its citizens out of abject poverty and jettison the country into the 21st century. Ethiopia’s determinations now in taking bold initiatives and the onset of changed attitudes in Egypt since its revolution have coincided to create positive environment for that.

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