Saudi Arabia & Ethiopia raise their cooperation to higher level: Is current tension within Moslem community main agenda item?

16 Jun

Addis Ababa June 16/2012 Prime Minister Meles Zenawi held discussion with Saudi Arabian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Prince Abdulaziz Ben Abdullah on issues of common interest as well as means of enhancing relations between the two countries on Saturday.

The two sides have discussed as to how Saudi Arabia enhance its engagement in the area of trade, investment, security, economic, culture and other sectors.

They have also conferred how to work jointly in the area of peace and stability in the horn of Africa.

Currently, Saudi Arabia investors are widely engaged in various investment activities in Ethiopia.

Similarly, the Saudi Arabian deputy FM has also held discussion with the Deputy Premier and Foreign Affairs Minister, Hailemariam Dessalegn on mutual concerns.

(Source: ENA)

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