Falcon Petroleum conducts seismic survey in Woreilu

23 Mar

By Kaleyesus Bekele, The Reporter

Falcon Petroleum Ltd is undertaking a seismic survey in its Blue Nile Concession area in the Amhara Regional State, South Wollo Zone, in the Wereilu locality.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) based company hired an Italian company, GeoDynamics Research, to undertake the seismic survey. GeoDynamics said it was carrying out a passive seismic survey for the third time in Ethiopia. Previously the company had conducted two passive seismic surveys named Wereilu I and II. The company said the new survey was conducted through the commercial agent, GeoDynamics, wordwide for the client Falcon Petroleum within the concession Block AB1.

The company said the project was different from the previous surveys – Wereilu I and Wereilu II – for the different data acquisition procedure.

According to the company, the main objective of the project is to spatially localize the micro-earthquakes sources due to the effective stress conditions changing in the subsurface around the potential reservoir in order to give a depth estimation in terms of source of the detected micro-events. “If it is possible to provide a 3D distribution of the compressional and shear velocities, which are directly related to the structures it may recognize typical features of oil traps,” the company said. The area under examination is located around Wereilu where there are oil seepages.

A number of international and few local companies are currently undertaking petroleum exploration in various parts of the country. Oil companies actively involved in the petroleum exploration and development undertakings are: Africa Oil Ethiopia B.V. (Subsidiary of Africa Oil Corp.), Calvalley Petroleum Inc., Epsilon Energy Ltd., Falcon Petroleum Ltd., Southwest Energy, Tullow Oil, and Pexco Exploration (east Africa) N.V.

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