Kenya police apprehend 10 people they say part of inter-ethnic clash on Ethiopia-Kenya border

3 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

Ten people — among them eight Ethiopians — were arrested in Moyale on Monday in connection with the skirmishes that have displaced hundreds of families.

County commissioner Isaiah Nakoru said the arsonists were found by the police torching houses and looting property at Manyatta Burji village in the outskirts of Moyale Town.

The settlement has remained deserted since last week following days of gun battles between members of Borana and Gabra communities.
“They were found torching and looting household items by the police,” Mr Nakoru said.

Several families have fled their homes following the persistent row between the two warring communities, which has paralysed business in Moyale.

Those arrested were to be arraigned in court yesterday but the magistrate was not in.

On Friday hundreds of people were forced to flee their homes in Butiye village when the Kenya Defence Forces hurled mortars in a bid to stop day-long gun battles between combatants of the two communities.

“The KDF soldiers were heading towards Kenya-Ethiopian border to conduct their normal patrols but when they reached Butiye, they had to disperse the combatants who were exchanging fire to get a way through,” Mr Nakoru told the Nation.

In the fight people were injured and some houses destroyed. The County Commissioner could not state how many people were injured, arguing that the locals did not share any information on the number of casualties with the police.

However, the residents (most fled to Ethiopia) said they could not return to their homes due to fear.

“The loud sound of the bomb (mortar) was so freighting that I had to run away with all my 10 children,” Ms Alwiya Sheikh said.

Several of her neighbours are in Ethiopia where Ms Sheikh and her colleagues said it was a better place as those displaced were getting food from relatives.

They said those in Kenya had a difficult time as they were not getting humanitarian assistance.

Source: Daily Nation

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