Gov’t advisory body to be established under prime minister’s office

10 Oct

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

by Groum Abate Capital

The government is to establish a policy advisory office that will ensure major policy decisions and programs are consistent with the country’s goals, as well as monitors implementation of the policy agenda.

Headed by four officials with the rank of minister, the advisory office will be organized into four sectors, and report directly to the Prime Minister.

Reliable sources told Capital that the office will be involved in setting public policy actions and programs that the government will enact to address various issues including education, healthcare, environmental protection, economic intervention, taxes and national infrastructure.

In June this year, Bereket Simon, former head of Government Communication Affairs Office, and Kuma Demeksa, former Mayor of Addis Ababa, were appointed as policy advisors to the PM.

However, after discussions the government decided to broaden the advisory team and their activities, by setting up a policy advisory office. According to these sources, besides Bereket Simon and Kuma Demeksa, Kassu Illala, Ambassador of Ethiopia to the EU and Belgium, and Abay Tsehaye, head of the Sugar Development Corporation, are expected to be appointed to the office.

Kassu Illala is a veteran politician who is a member of the Central Committee of the Southern Ethiopian Peoples’ Democratic Movement (SEPDM), one of the four parties that make up the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). He has served as Deputy Prime Minister and head of economic affairs in the Office of the Prime Minister, as Minister of Transport, as well as Chairman of SEPDM.

The appointment is said to include the four major parties that form the ruling party EPRDF.

These policy advisors tasked to develop policy proposals will take the lead in offering advice to the Prime Minister and will also supervise the implementation of policy initiatives.

Governments and international organizations with policy interests often employ advisors to help them shape and advocate policies.

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