Why did TPLF want Amhara chief suddenly removed from post? And why else so clumsy shenanigans?

22 Dec

Editor’s Note:

    This is the most bizarre report I have ever read on The Reporter. It raises more questions than answers. Firstly, it is said that an emergency meeting of the Amhara regional state that received the request by Ato Ayalew Gobeze – if any – to be relieved of his post. Instantly, the same evening the former chief administrator was appointed ambassador to Turkey. It is a mass of clutter!

    No doubt, it compels a couple of interpretations. Firstly, it looks like that this is a unique request for resignation by any government official. It sounds as if the former chief administrator has demanded for expedited appointment as ambassador. It cannot be!

    Secondly, perhaps the reason for the emergency meeting of the Amhara state council could be taken out of desire not to leave the post vacant for days or weeks. Nonetheless, why was his appointment as ambassador to Turkey expedited, which was given him simultaneously the same day he resigned? It is an overcooked story, because of which it lacks any flavor of credibility!

    My reading into this thing is that the TPLF regime anticipates some ‘fireworks’ (trouble) in connection with the border demarcation with the Sudan, with which it signed numerous agreements a a few weeks ago. We have already known from information by Foreign Minister Ali Karti of the Sudanthat the Fashaga area, until now part of the Amhara state and rich agricultural lands, would certainly be relinquished to the Sudan.

    The problem for Ethiopians farmers is that their lands would be ceded to the Sudan. The TPLF fears that this would create strong Ethiopian reactions.

    Ayalew Gobeze (Credit: The Reporter)

    Ayalew Gobeze (Credit: The Reporter)

    The history of the region shows that farmers in the area have been in conflict with Sudanese soldiers, after Meles took this initiative of giving Ethiopian lands in exchange for border security. Since then, Sudanese soldiers have tried to forcibly take the land.

    From time to time, the farmers have taken up arms to resist any foreign occupation of the lands. There were occasions, when the TPLF army sided Sudanese forces and attacked the patriotic Ethiopian farmers.

    The TPLF now wants a chief administrator in Amhara region, who would not question authority or have any ambivalence about Ethiopian territory being ceded to the Sudan. Although calm and quiet, Ayalew Gobeze has for a long time been rumoured to have grave reservations.

    Moreover, in the usual practice of the TPLF, the new administrator has for a long time been accused by local people of corruption, when he was deputy administrator. It is assumed that the TPLF has confidence in getting things done the way it wants, through him in dealing with the resistance against Ethiopian territory being given to the Sudan. Or else, he would be accused of corruption and dealt with for corruption!

    Consequently, the TPLF must have forced on Ayalew Gobeze the so-called resignation and reward him with appointment as ambassador.

    IN expressing doubts about this, some pick up why then Minister of Mines Sinknesh Ejigu was removed at the same time. This is called diversionary tactic, since Ayalew Gobeze’s would attract attention in light of the border demarcation agreement. It is reported that she also heard her removal from ministerial post and her appointment as ambassador from the media! She too has been accused of incompetence. No matter what the manner those that served this regime are being treated is an unmistakable evidence of its arrogance: squeeze everyone dry lemon and flung them away! Was it not Stalin that used to say so, before his departure from the historical scene?

    For further details, read the article TPLF & Sudan reap the bounty: What has Ethiopia got from the latest round Khartoum deal? on the December 5, 2013 The Ethiopia Observatory. It gives an indication of why the TPLF has had such traitorous design against our country.


The Reporter
Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

At an emergency session held on Thursday the Amhara State Council accepted a resignation request from the region’s chief administrator, Ayalew Gobeze, and elected his deputy, Gedu Andargachew, as the new State President.

Following his resignation, President Mulatu Teshome has appointed Ayalew as Ethiopia’s ambassador to Turkey, The Reporter learnt.

Ayalew had served the state as the chief administrator for the past eight-and-a-half years. From October 2005 to present he was also president of the executive committee of the Amhara National Democratic Front, an affiliate of the ruling party the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

It is rumored that his resignation is based on plans of succession within the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM).

The Council also endorsed the appointment of heads for seven bureaus.

The incoming president, Gedu, vowed to work hard for the growth of the region. He appreciated the development activities carried out over the years, as well as the creation of good governance and democratic systems. He urged for the strengthening of these efforts to further enhance the ongoing development, and achieve the goals set by the Growth and Transformation Plan.

Gedu had served as the deputy chief administrator and head of the agriculture bureau before his promotion. In his farewell speech, Ayalew expressed his gratitude to members of the Council for their support during his term as chief administrator. The Council also elected Binalf Andualem as the new deputy chief administrator.

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