Happy New Year to Everyone! May it be Year of Human Freedoms! Keep Up The Good Job Social Media!

1 Jan

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory

The New Year 2014 has set in style and in earnest. The moment I woke up I strongly felt that 2014 may be a better year than its predecessor – a very difficult year in many respects.

I say this playing in my mind interlinked layers of issues. There is on one side the indifference of or abandonment by several countries of their tradition of ensuring defense and protection of human rights. On the other, we see the attacks against human rights intensified; today it has reached intimidating heights across countries and regions.

The list of worries is long: the killer destructive conflicts in many places far and near, the impunity of the powerful and warlords, the few evil minds that weave division exploiting the ethnic card, the horrors of corruption and naked thievery especially in poor developing countries and the consequent capital flights, irresponsible national policies in an atmosphere bereft of accountability, the consequent poverty and inequalities of all sorts in many parts of the world, the human sufferings, the lost opportunities, etc.

This is not to say 2013 was all soots and dreary to everyone. Its reference here is applicable only to wherever the majorities are targeted by deliberate crookedness and policies of the few.

To its credit, however, 2013 has assured humanity of the ascendency of the social media. It has shown us its potentials and the promises thereon. Most importantly, humanity is encouraged by the contours of its boundless reaches, its enormous powers in democratizing information in individual countries, firms, neighborhoods, households and internationally.

The goal of human freedom and a true sense of security could be attained, when positive forces persist in continuing their job in the service of the good and in the interests of the species. Otherwise, 2014 is not an alchemist; it cannot deliver the goods on its own or as baked breads. It has only come with lots of goodwill to enrich, with greater human endeavors, what has so far been achieved.

All that is needed is the various constituent elements of society everywhere seeing the need for changing the algorithm of repressive power, built as it is on control of information and the capacity to deprive others.

The goal is to see that society delivers itself from the prey it has been for unbelievably long. In other words, everyone must take the pledge to no longer allow the few to take and keep the many hostage. Thanks to the love of freedom and technology, repressive forces – the enemies of human freedoms – are in retreat. All this is happening because the power of information has parallelled or are intimidating that of armies and modern armaments of war.

I know this because modern information technology has been taking great strides in my country, diminishing power built on information control. It has been exposing the political, economic, financial deceits, at its worst, even state led thuggery.
In short, lies and false propaganda do not seem to show capacity to carry the day.

This has become possible even in the remotest parts, where the level of education at its best is humble and sparse, with information empowering the people. We are coming to an era, when information is also seemingly enjoying its liberation.

The point is that information can longer remain within the tight fists of the few and the powerful and people claim to be free and independent. We know that those unaccountable to the people choose means of prevailing against the freedoms of the majority.

Also those that have made it their mission –for whatever goal, earthly or otherwise – to diminish and destroy human freedoms are being cut to size, although they use the information technology for their evil purposes.

The lesson this offers is that humanity would be better off building peaceful and harmonious societies that embrace each and everyone of its members to enjoy their God given freedoms!

Might I add that the defense of human freedoms must sift out the pretenders from its ranks: In many instances, they have been using the regional and international campaigns for suppression of human freedoms and self-aggrandizement!

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