Ethiopian Air Force pilot defects; joins Ethiopian Patriots Front

11 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

ESAT News 11/2/2014: An Ethiopian pilot defects on Monday from the Ethiopian Air Force, and joins the increasingly popular Ethiopian patriots’ Front, officials of the Front told ESAT on Tuesday.

“I can confirm [to] you that the pilot, Major Daniel Yeshiwase, abandoned on Monday the Ethiopian regime and joined our Front. He told us that the rampant tribal based discrimination within the Air Force system was the main reason behind his defection,” said Nur jeba, spokesperson of the front.

He indicated that the pilot of L-39 squadron fighter jet had been detained on suspicion of supporting opposition parties.

“The pilot had been followed by the Ethiopian security agents. Finally, he succeeded in escaping and joining our Front. He is in a good condition and decided to join our struggle for a better Ethiopia,” added Nur Jeba.

He indicated that the pilot will soon disclose to the public his experience and challenges while serving in the Air Force.

It is to be recalled that a few months ago, four Ethiopian pilots defected and joined Ginbot 7 Popular Force, which is militarily active in northern Ethiopia, bordering Eritrea.

Both the Ethiopian Patriots Front and Ginbot 7 popular Force are militarily active in the northern Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian government didn’t react to the latest defection of the pilot.(ESAT)

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