TPLF reports charging 36 suspected ‘rebels’ & opposition party members in Ethiopia

24 Oct

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEo)

The Ethiopian Federal Police Commission has said that it has charged suspected members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Ginbot 7 Movement for Freedom, Justice and Democracy, Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), Gambela People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM), Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM) and Al Shabaab under 36 files in the past Ethiopian year 2006.

The Force said to local media that out of the 36 terrorism files, investigation had been completed on 27 of them and the files were sent the relevant department. Out of which four were members of the OLF, six Ginbot 7, one ONLF, three GPLM, two BPLM and two Al Shabaab members.

These suspects were trained and sent over here by the Eritrean government, it said. Police said 119 suspects were found guilty and were sentenced from one to twenty-five years imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the Commission preferred to keep quiet regarding the huge casualties that the Force sustained in the Sheko Mezenger area of Southern Ethiopia.

Although the Commission said its capacity of fighting terrorism has increased, it has been internationally criticised for linking and detaining bloggers, journalists and politicians with the named rebel groups using the internationally condemned Ethiopian Anti Terrorism Proclamation.

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