Zimbabwe deports 179 paperless Ethiopians – What could better tell the world the state Ethiopians are in than citizens’ endless flights

26 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Zimbabwe has deported 179 Ethiopians who illegally entered into the country in October last year, state media reported Wednesday.

The 179 Ethiopians, aged between 15 and 28, pleaded guilty to contravening the country’s immigration laws when they appeared before Harare Magistrate Tendai Mahwe this week, the Herald newspaper reported.

The magistrate warned and cautioned the group before handing them to the immigration department for immediate deportation.

The Ethiopians, who pleaded to be granted asylum, claimed they were running away from political violence back home.

The magistrate, however, advised them to seek proper documents first before coming. Zimbabwe has a refugee camp that provides shelter to immigrants mostly from the horn of Africa.
/The Punch

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