Ethiopia apologizes for invading Kenya

25 Jun

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Victor Tinto, news24

Nairobi – Ethiopia has apologized for invading Kenya last month and taking over a police station, saying that the incident took place by mistake.

Police said the incident at Illeret Police Station in North Horr Moyale, where, armed with AK47 rifles, the Ethiopians arrived in 10 vehicles, disembarked and took strategic positions around the police station.

They then went forward to take photos of the police station and area at large before leaving.

According to Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery, the Ethiopian government has said that the incident was regrettable and that it only took place because they were chasing raiders who had moved into Kenya.

The police station is a full 16 kilometres from the border with Ethiopia.

“The isolated case that happened in Moyale when the Ethiopian military crossed the border was resolved diplomatically between the two nations,” Nkaissery said Wednesday in a local television programme.

“It had never been witnessed before as we have lived peacefully with Ethiopia and our border on that side is safe,” he added.

Nkaissery though could not account for why the Ethiopians did not find it necessary to inform their Kenyan counterparts that they were coming over.

They also crossed a full 16 kilometres into Kenya, not a mistake according to observers.

“Only the government knows what was going on and they have chosen not to tell us,” security expert Evans Monare told News24.

“It was not a mistake as they went 16 kilometres into Kenya and also it was not the first time they have moved into Kenya, as they have done so before.”

“I’m happy it has been solved,” he added.

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