US Congress’s message on eve of Obama’s visit: Special Order on Human Rights in Ethiopia

25 Jul

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Congressman Mike Honda’s statement:

Representative Mike Honda is founder and co-chair of the Congressional Ethiopian American caucus:

“In advance of President Obama’s historic trip to Ethiopia, I led discussion on the House Floor as the founder and co-chair of the Congressional Ethiopian American Caucus to speak on the importance of our nation’s relationship with Ethiopia. The President’s trip provides a unique opportunity to promote democratic institutions including respect for freedom of speech and human rights, in addition to supporting economic, health, food security, and humanitarian development in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian diaspora here in the United States are the natural bridges and ambassadors to build and strengthen the economic, strategic, and humanitarian connections between our nations.”


    “Ethiopian has a chequered humanitarian record and the government must learn to embrace the voices of political dissent and promote basic human and civil rights. I believe President Obama’s upcoming trip to Ethiopia provides a unique opportunity to promote freedom of speech and press…

    “The Ethiopian government needs to continue to uphold democratic principles and engagement while at the same time reconciling the need for security with the increasing opportunity to engage talented Ethiopians…

    “…Military strength alone would not defeat extremism….”


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