TPDM’s Mola Asgedom said to be in Sudan: Plausible given Khartoum’s close relations with TPLF & Eritrea, or are there other players on the chessboard?

12 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Several news sources have reported this morning that Mola Asgedom, Chairman of Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) and vice-chair of the Ethiopian Salvation Army (ሃገር ኣድን ንቅናቄ), has escaped to Sudan.

This update is needed to correct the earlier news report that he has joined the TPLF. It is now learnt from different sources, although there is no proper confirmation, Mola Asgedom is reported to have entered Sudan. ,

It is also indicated in news report that his escape and that of several forces accompanying him has involved several shootouts in which high number of fighters from Eritrea and TPDM have been killed.

Tesfa News speculates that, while TPDM is fighter for democracy, “the forced marriage with other forces from different ethnic groups might [have] exasperated the already simmering differences.

The pro-TPLF has the following on its webpage:


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