Ethiopia in drought & famine: The United Nations is saying “A greater disaster is occurring”!

29 Sep

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The following is taken from the report of the United Nations Coordination Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA):

    The food and nutritional situation is deteriorating rapidly. During the third quarter of 2015, WPF assisted some 374,000 moderately malnourished children under-5 and pregnant and breastfeeding women (MAM) with targeted supplementary feeding. This was 54 per cent higher compared to the same time last year. In the last quarter of 2015, more than 700,000 MAM cases are expected to need assistance, twice the number of cases seen the same time last year.

    In a normal year, the belg (June-September) harvest marks the beginning of a decline in therapeutic feeding program (TFP) admissions. However this year, admissions of severely malnourished children under-5 to therapeutic feeding programs continued to increase since February 2015. The July 2015 national TFP admission rate was similar to the July admission rates registered during the major drought in 2011. Once complete, the national August admission report is expected to show that the rates have surpassed that of August 2011.


TPLF has kept its eyes on the dollars and cents investors bring to the country, evidence of its extreme indifference trumping up the lives of our people. In this current drought and famine situation, the TPLF has clearly shown that it does not want its regime’s name to be associated with hungry people, drought and famine.

Ethiopians, the very victims of being aid recipient and thus viewed as poster child of hunger, very much understand the reason. Nonetheless, one lesson is sufficient and Ethiopians do not share the regime’s approach of hiding that there are hungry children and hungry adults in Ethiopia. It is a crime against humanity to facilitate conditions people to starve by deliberate means.

The fact of the matter is that, the world knows that even under ‘normal conditions’ Ethiopia is a very hungry nation, most of its people. On top of the existing poverty because of poor agricultural development, land grab and the consequent deprivation has further pauperized our people in both rural and urban areas.

It is no wonder that the FAO last May 2015 should put out to the world indicating in a special report that 32 percent of Ethiopians are undernourished. What is there to hide?

The official cover-up of this natural disaster has this time around been spearheaded by the Man in the Office of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, state minister Mitiku Kassa in charge of Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Food Security and propaganda minister Redwan Hussein. In fact, this time around, if not all, most state actors are involved in the mismanagement of the nation’s opportunities.

By their actions, they have sentenced unborn and under-five children, weak mothers and the elderly to death, denying that there was no drought and blocking foreign humanitarian assistance.

In its latest report (Sept 28, 2015,) the United Nations is now saying that the danger is not only what is happening here and now. It is concerned about the coming year. It says:

    “On the heels of the failed belg and the corresponding dismal food security situation, the El Niño weakened the summer/kiremt (June-September) rains, significantly impacting the October harvest that feeds 75-80 per cent of Ethiopians.”

Therefore, the United Nations argues:

    “Based on the analysis of previous El Niño episodes in Ethiopia and current needs, there is a high probability that relief food needs and malnutrition rates will double in 2016.The impact of El Niño is already felt and the level of human suffering reached frightening proportions.”

listen to the following lies and pretentions by the highest levels of the TPLF regime:

While the so-called prime minister tells the world pathetic lies on August 17, 2015 at the gathering of the Ethiopian diaspora in Addis Abeba, claiming that there were no children in feeding centers in the country, the US Ambassador Patricia Haslach flew to SNNPR on August 13 and 14, not far from where the TPLF gatekeeper was born, visiting feeding centers for small children, aid the US provided to save lives.

The ambassador said on the occasion:

    We are seeing sharp increases in humanitarian needs this year at a time when contributions from the international community have declined. We must do more to ensure that the most vulnerable among us, and those affected by humanitarian crises, have the resources they need to live their lives with dignity.

Is there government in Ethiopia? Is there decency in that government? Does it protect and respect the lives of Ethiopians?

My answer is a resounding NO! We have seen its lies and indifference when ISIL slaughtered 30 of our citizens. It turned around and imprisoned protestors from the ranks of the opposition parties, for fear it would bring them sympathy!

They took 100 percent of the contested seats in parliament. Further evidence of the regime’s lawlessness is its persecution for two months and 17 days those it suspected had voted for the opposition parties! Some activists were killed: Opposition party members in all parts of the country are still languishing in prison!

This is the story of thieves in power, who want to escape hard times through lies and pretension!

God save our people and protect Ethiopia!

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