Half-hearted Statement By US National Security Council On the Arrest of Journalists in Ethiopia

31 Dec

Editor’s Note:

    It is long overdue for the United States Administration to pay attention to the hell the lives of Ethiopians have turned into. It is an indiscriminate repression of the citizens of that country the TPLF has been perpetrating. Of late, it has gone from bad to worse.

    In every sense of the word, one can assume Ethiopia is on the verge of a civil war. The Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been implementing Nazi-esque techniques in suppressing citizens, denying them the right to express their grievances and shooting them when they exercise their rights as human beings.

    This now has begun burning everyone, from Oromos to Amharas, Ogadenies, to Afars, Gambellans and many other members of Ethiopia’s multi-ethnicity across the nation.

    A clientele state of the United States, a favorite of its National Security Agency – undeserving of the friendship of the people of the United States – is a hooligan, corrupt and, if anything, it has not yet even joined the community of nations of the 21st century.

    In July 2015, during his visit of the country, sadly President Obama surprised the international community in referring to this regime, “a democratically elected government“!

    It beats me how such state behavior represents to the president even in the remotest any semblance of democracy’s principles and attributes.

    Ethiopia has lost in the past five weeks close to 200 of its citizens to TPLF guns in Oromia and Gondar in Amhara region. This bloody situation is still continuing.

    Moreover, today’s other horrid news is the regime seizing the elderly secretary general of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) Bekele Negaa. He sent out message at the moment of his seizing four TPLF security personnel approached him to enter their car. When he refused they started forcing him into their car, while beating him. His phone has been confiscated and that at the moment he is under house arrest, death threat and incommunicado!

    Here is the message he has released the moment he was seized.


Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
The White House Statement

Having welcomed developments in Ethiopia earlier this year – including the release of several detained bloggers – that suggested increased protections for the fundamental right of free expression, we are deeply concerned by the recent arrests of other journalists in Ethiopia.

We continue to urge the Ethiopian Government to build on earlier developments by strengthening free speech protections and broadening democratic progress, and note that the continued stifling of independent voices will only inhibit such progress as well as development and economic growth.

The United States has consistently applauded Ethiopia for being a model and a voice for development in Africa, but such gains must rest on a foundation of democratic governance and respect for human rights if they are to be sustainable.

We urge the Ethiopian Government to release journalists and all others imprisoned for exercising their right to free expression, to refrain from using its Anti-Terrorism Proclamation as a mechanism to silence dissent, and to protect the rights of journalists, bloggers, and dissidents to write and speak freely as voices of a diverse nation.

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