Jimma University explosion injures 33 students, 2 in critical condition

12 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

#Oromoprotests: Ethiopia (ESAT) Thirty-three students were seriously injured after a grenade was thrown yesterday at a group of protesters at Jimma University in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Two of the injured were in critical condition and were on life support, Jawar Mohammed, a political activist, said quoting hospital sources.

All the injured have fragments of the blast on their bodies and the two critically wounded students suffer from splenic rapture and pulmonary contusion, according to the Jimma University Hospital sources.

Jimma University students after the explosion (Jawar Mohammed)

Jimma University students after the explosion (Jawar Mohammed)

No party claimed responsibility for the grenade attack so far but past experiences show the oppressive regime in Ethiopia deploys dirty tactics of planting bombs and orchestrating deadly attack on citizens as documented by the US diplomatic cables and reported in the WikiLeaks files.

Students at various universities in Oromia meanwhile continue their protest against the minority government. Students at Jimma, Haromaya and Medawelabu Universities staged a protest rally demanding political and economic rights for the people of the Oromo, who have been the target of repression by the ethnocentric regime. The students demanded for the release of all political prisoners. They are also demanding for the government kill squads to leave their campuses.

Reports indicated that over 140 peaceful protesters were shot and killed by the regime’s forces and about 5000 people were imprisoned in the last two months of protest.

#Oropmoprotests: TPLF abuses & torture of protesting Haromaya University exposed

OMN’s Jawar Mohammed reports on that TPLF’s cruelty against Haromaya University students that were taken out of their dormitories and were left into the elements. The soldiers made them sit in a field with neither breakfast nor lunch or water during those long hours.

Haromaya students forced to sit our for 24 hrs in the elements (Jawar Mohammed)

Haromaya students forced to sit out for 24 hrs in the elements (Jawar Mohammed)

In the afternoon heavy rain fell. The soldiers brought in the school bus and sheltered themselves, according to Jawar Mohammed, while forcing the students to remain seated by keeping the barrel of their guns aiming at them.

It is during this time that a Tigrean commander loudly boasted, “we fought in empty stomach in barren desert facing hunger, thirst, rain and heat. You want to fight us, be men like us taste the challenge”, writes Jawar Mohammed.

High school students seized & sent to TPLF’s investigation & torture chamber, Maekelawi

#Oromoprotests: Several students have been beaten in the last several weeks and months in Arba Minch: The TPLF regime security system accuses Arba Minch youth of belonging to Ginbot 7 movement, which the regime has proscribed as terrorist organization, reports ESAT.

Especially the story of two students, Yosewf Yisahak and Endeshaw Wondyifraw, has become worrying. They have been treated in the most inhuman way, after their tormentors felt the two were heard bad mouthing the TPLF.

As if the beatings these young men to were not enough, the security forces undressed them and paraded them in the streets in Arba Minch town. Shortly after, they were reportedly taken to Hawassa, following which their whereabouts was not known for some time.

Neither the friends that were with them nor the parents knew where their children were until a while after. Finally, a source with information from inside police said they have been taken to Addis Abeba for investigations and more tortures at the notorious Maekelawi, reports ESAT.

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