Is there anything the TPLF doesn’t accuse anyone of something, including Ethiopians ‘as anti-peace’ & Eritrea of ‘hijacking Oromo protests’? Better attend to Gadaa’s ultimatum!

26 Feb

Editor’s Note:

    Strangely, the TPLF has not yet attributed El Niño’s cause to Oromos, Amharas, Gambellans & the Ethiopian diaspora, etc., with whom it speaks of having problems day and night rain or shine!

    Nor has it made any allegations thus far about the ultimatum the Oromia Gadaa Council has issued to the Front this week strongly and openly condemning its mass killings. Unfortunately, some news get to the TPLF very late. In short, there is no one that is spared of any accusations or responsibility for its failures, save itself.

    For any sensible political power, however, the Gadaa ultimatum is an indication that the entire Oromo society has now been given command to mobilize against the killings and repression by the oppressive and ethnic discriminatory TPLF regime.

    After the conclusion of its extraordinary meeting of two days Thursday, it is reported that Abbaa Gadaa has issued statement and warming the regime that ‘killing one young man is waging war against his entire clan of millions’. It also accuses the regime of failing to listen to the people’s problems and demands. The Gadaa makes it clear that they are on the side of the people and their demand is just and legitimate.

    The Council represents Abbaa Gadaa’s from all Oromia, about 40 million, roughly half the nation.

    This unprecedented move now shows how concerned the entire Oromo community throughout the country is about the nation’s state of affairs, especially the ongoing slaughter of Oromos by Agazi forces, a military unit entirely composed of Tigreans using American military machines and arms, including Humvees. The Gadaa members are taking enormous risks probably to themselves for the first time in strongly denouncing the regime and issuing the said ultimatum. While the statement has not been carried by the state media, we are told that it has found its way into Oromo Media Network (OMN).

    Forty-three years ago, Asmerom Legesse published his landmark Harvard doctoral thesis Gadaa: Oromo Democracy: Three Approaches to the Study of African Society. In there, he describes “Gadaa as “one of the most astonishing and instructive turns the evolution of human society has taken”.

    A year later in like manner, the late Donald Levine in his Greater Ethiopia: The Evolution of a Multiethnic Society observed “the Gadaa system is “”one of the most complex systems of social organization ever devised by the human imagination.”

    In brief, Gadaa is most influential and inspirational Oromo power structure, which did not involve in political matters.

    This time, however, as the TPLF in a vain hope aims to involve the Catholic Church with a view to creating a Catholic-Orthodox alliance alliance against Oromo Ethiopian Christians and Muslims by sending emissary to Papa Francis in Rome with this mission, it is important that the TPLF takes seriously Gadaa’s ultimatum about ending the massacre and abuses of Oromos demanding respect for their fundamental human rights.


Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Mail & Guardian: Ethiopia accuses Eritrea of hijacking Oromo protests, but says region had ‘legitimate concerns’

ETHIOPIA accused arch-rival Eritrea on Thursday of being behind anti-government protests in the Oromia region last year which led to a violent clampdown by the government in Addis Ababa.

The two countries fought a bloody conflict from 1998-2000, but tensions are never far from the surface and were fuelled by protests which erupted last November.

“We have concrete evidence [usual TPLF shenanigan] that some of the people…involved and instigating violence in these particular localities…have their origins from Asmara,” the capital of Eritrea, said government spokesman Getachew Reda.

Home to some 27 million people, Oromia encircles Addis Ababa and stretches over large parts of the rest of the country. It has its own language, Oromo, distinct from Amharic, the language of Ethiopia’s government.

Demonstrations erupted last November in Oromia to protest against a government plan to expand the Ethiopian capital.

The so-called Master Plan, which was eventually abandoned in January, fuelled land-grab fears among Oromo farmers, from the country’s biggest ethnic group.

Reda accused Eritrea of working in concert with two Ethiopian movements, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) rebel group and the Ginbot 7 opposition group exiled in the United States and categorised as terrorists by Addis Ababa.

“The Eritrean government is not only working with OLF’s leftovers in Asmara but also with Ginbot 7, and they want to infiltrate all troublemakers into Ethiopia,” Reda said.

He added: “The protests that were being expressed by the people were based on legitimate concerns. But at a certain point, there were political elements involved in hijacking the process.

“What transpired… is an absolutely despicable case of criminal gangs roaming village after village and causing innumerable loss in lives.”

There was a brutal crackdown on the protests, which left over 140 people dead and thousands arrested, according to figures released in January by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

In a report published Monday, HRW said the crackdown is still ongoing, asserting that killings and arbitrary arrests were still being reported almost daily.

Eritrea separated from Ethiopia in 1991 after a 20-year independence war. The two countries have remained on a war footing since the open conflict around the turn of the Millennium, notably over their 1,000 km-long (620- mile) common border.

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