Much-needed comfort in these sad & dark days: Lesson for TPLF

9 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The cow thanks the child for taking care of it during its life. It blesses the boy to be be safe from Woyane bullets!

This above picture is courtesy of Abbas Dini

Not everything is as calm as the above picture. Ethiopia’s skies have turned dark again on this Tuesday!

Following the student protests at Wollega University today, a professor observed that there were more students at the Nekemte Hospital than the university campus! Security forces attacked six buildings in which several hundred students were injured.

Further, state violence on this day has taken at Wollega University form of security forces injuring several Ethiopian university students and student dormitories and classrooms destroyed.


Addis Abeba University students also protested in front of US Embassy in Addis Abeba today. It was reported several peacefully protesting students were beaten and taken to prison. The students demanded an end to the massacre of Oromo students!

Reuters reported the following:

Dozens of university students protested in Ethiopia’s capital on Tuesday, demanding an end to police crackdowns that followed months of demonstrations over plans to requisition farmland in the country’s Oromiya region late last year.VIDEO phpBB

The government wanted to develop farmland around the capital, Addis Ababa, and its plan triggered some of the worst civil unrest for a decade, with rights groups and U.S.-based dissidents saying as many as 200 people may have been killed.Officials suggest the figure is far lower but have not given a specific number.

Ethiopia has long been one of the world’s poorest nations but has industrialized rapidly in the past decade and now boasts double-digit growth. However, reallocating land is a thorny issue for Ethiopians, many of whom are subsistence farmers.

Authorities scrapped the land scheme in January, but sporadic demonstrations persist.
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