TPLF is leading Ethiopia onto the path of terror, blood and destruction!

15 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Death seems to have the upper hand in Ethiopia today. Most of the deaths are occurring in Oromia and Konso at this very moment. Nevertheless, the deceptive Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is masquerading that Oromia is peaceful now and the rest is just hot air.

Whether it is hot or cold, the man in the prime minister’s office foresaw that the worst is on its way toward Ethiopia. Therefore, without owning the crimes of state violence against innocent and unarmed people unleashed state violence and is continuing to do so.

Most disintegration and collapses follow such courses before they become full-fledged conflicts and then the mayhem. Italian President Sergio Mattarella is in Ethiopia. Initially there was expectation that as an elder statesman he may have come to caution the regime to refrain from violence.

Of course, that not being the case, as in the case of all other Western nations, he too has come on behalf of Italy to explore investment possibilities. We know that the Italians have soft heart toward Ethiopians, perhaps because of historical reasons. We have also seen it from Italian efforts within the EU foreign and security policy approach to portray the present TPLF leadership as having no responsibility to the masses of Ethiopian refugees that are flocking out in every direction. The Ethiopian ambassador in Brussels is bragging that the EU is making favourable arrangements to Ethiopian officials.

How would they explain that to Ethiopians are asking why such favourable treatment is being extended to a murderous regime, which the European Parliament has recently strongly condemned for its killings and the violations of the human rights of the Ethiopian people in all parts of the country.

In the last three days, many young Ethiopians have lost their lives. What matters is not their ethnic origin. So far death turned its full fierceness on Konso people.

Social media report deaths of these people in Konso. These are Ethiopians the TPLF forces – Obama boys – have been slaughtering with impunity.

Konso deaths: TPLF victims of the past two days (Credit:

Konso deaths: TPLF victims of the past two days (Credit:

The police commissioner Fisseha Garedew told lies to the Voice of America with a scorn that there were no protests in Koso whatsoever, much less killings.

It is time those that shed crocodile tears about the instability of the Horn of Africa gave some serious thought to the TPLF barbarism and the cruelty that is being inflicted on innocent and peaceful Ethiopians! Ethiopia are peaceful people. They do not covet what belongs to others. They do not like it when others try to claim what belongs to them.

In continuing its indiscriminate shootings at the young and the old in Oromia, the TPLF regime has been out in full force with its Agazi force in Oromia. It has already established command posts, headed by nine Tigrean generals, one Amhara and an Agew to kill, maim, and humiliate Oromo Ethiopians. To see the full list of members of the military command post, click here.

The number of injured Ethiopians is increasing by the day.

TPLF-Agazi-injured Ethiopians

TPLF-Agazi-injured Ethiopians

Injured peaceful protesters in Oromia  (Credit:

Injured peaceful protesters in Oromia (Credit:

In the meantime, while most expensive, carbonated on non-carbonated waters are supplied for the TPLF bosses and their murderers, this is what is happening at this moment in Oromia – people have no ordinary water in Oromia. The picture below shows people keeping queuing their water containers in the hope the water would come. Is this the normal shortage of water that is increasing in its severity in some parts of Ethiopia, or TPLF’s collective punishment of Oromos, the people that have bitterly challenged TPLF’s power is pushing it to its downfall?

Where is Ethiopia with this overflowing state violence? There is no evidence in history that such course would ensure TPLF’s continuity in power.

What the TPLF and its cronies have not realized is that this time around Ethiopians have resolved enough is enough! However, Ethiopians do not want their country to become another Somalia or Yemen. They surely do not like either to be enslaved by the mafiosi masquerading as both government and ‘liberation front’ at the same time!

Those who need lessons, must lift their heads and remember what happened to Gaddafi, with his wealth and final embrace by Western nations and the kisses on his cheeks!

We are aware that Prime Minister Cameron is due to visit Ethiopia to discuss security issues. It is not clear whether he would be discussing UK’s or Western security. Certainly, when Britain through the DFID had its hands full in supporting land grab and early on the massacre of Ethiopian Somalis through the Liyu police, he should not be expected to have any interest in Ethiopia’s security!

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