TPLF greed at its worst:                   Ethiopia’s ethnic minority regime members & families own 98% of investments in land in South Omo Valley – official thievery becoming cause for nation’s instability

18 Mar

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

It seems thousands of Gordon Geckos [from Wall Street move on 2007 financial and economic meltdown] has been cloned in Ethiopia, pushing on society their prime ideology “Greed is good!” They are an ethnic political and economic group, a political and economic oligarch in Ethiopia, enriching themselves by robbing and killing Ethiopians, despite their minority status comprising only 5 percent of the 98 million Ethiopians.

The greedy efforts of members of the TPLF regime, once a liberation front aiming to separate Tigray from Ethiopia, is to become richer at the expense of other Ethiopians, aiming to rule the nation with an iron hand until the Second Coming.

Such latest brigandage is now happening in South Omo Valley. Once again an indigenous community has been humiliated and dislocated, the invading mafia group murdering men from the local population.

Fresh young women and very young boys are being sexually exploited, as tourist attraction, including servicing the lusts mostly, among others, of British and German sex tourists. As I tried to expose it in twitter campaign, the TPLF is systematically encouraging such criminal activities.

As if mere touristic interest to shore up the economy, the TPLF sex tourism commercial is promoted especially on English papers such as MailOnline, with pictures of women and young boys to exploit – a terrible crime in decent nations that by policy criminalize money made on prostitution of citizens and locking away the criminals!

The tourism companies, hotels, tourist guides, transportation facilities are all owned by members of the TPLF.

Ethiopians first read such a story of land grab during the great mass dislocations in Gambella at the height of the land seizures from local under the guise of expanding commercial agriculture and settling the indigenous population into villages.

As the international community witnessed it with great horror, including accusing DFID and the World Bank of collaboration with forced settlements and human rights violations, it turned out to be a sordid story of human degradation, killings and persecutions of local populations. Today, Gambella is 80 percent TPLF civilian and military members have seen it and seized in the likes no less of the Great Gold Rush.

Today, it has become common practice and such crime has resulted in close to 80 percent of Gambella’s lands and investments being in the hands of Tigrean members of the ruling party in Ethiopia.

Not only that Gambellans have lost their homes and lands. But also today, the once idyllic remote backwater, as Gambella was known, has lost its innocence and peace because of the greed and cruelty of the TPLF mafiosis.

Similarly, in April 2015 this page reported about seizure of farmers’ cooperative lands in Gamo Gofa, by Lake Abaya being seized for tobacco development by Tigrean investors.

Death and injuries in Argé farmers' kebele by Lake Abiyata (Credit: Negere Ethiopia)

Death and injuries in Argé farmers’ kebele by Lake Abiyata (Credit: Negere Ethiopia)

Like any self-respecting person and community would do, the farmers refused to leave their lands they have been working on. The investors that came to take their lands left, only to return with the police.

The police fired killing one person and badly injuring several others (picture above). With death, eventually the farmers were ejected from their lands and the TPLF-supported Tigrean investors took the lands.

Not only such state violence and killings are common in Ethiopia today, where the right to property is an alien concept to the ruling party. Also Ethiopian banks, especially the Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) and some commercial banks too, cater mostly to the needs of the TPLF members, their kith and kin.

For the TPLF people, the development of Ethiopia is mere pretense for these people. This has led to huge rights violations, massive robberies and economic imbalances, even in Addis Abeba, where most businesses, high rise buildings and most of the gated communities, such as in Bole, belong to them.

With the support of politics, the law and police and security forces, today the Tigrean members of the TPLF and their connections have hold over a third of the Addis Abeba’s lands.

The South Omo Valley horror and TPLF’s apartheid

Once again this time, there has emerged an evidence via a report, compiled by a group of professionals in south Omo Zone in south Ethiopia that has reached ESAT. The report indicates 98.9 percent of the investment land in south Omo zone has been allocated to members of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the ethnic minority ruling clique in Ethiopia.

Accordingly, of the 106,997.7 hectares of land allocated for investment in South Omo Valley, 105,914.6 or 98.9 percent has been taken by members of the ruling TPLF elites and their close family members and allies. Only one percent of the land was given to the locals, according to the report. Of the 20 investors who took land, 16 were either members of the TPLF or Tigrayan supporters of the Front.

The report also revealed that the TPLF businessmen could easily obtain 32 million dollars in loans from the Bank using the land as a collateral. Of the estimated amount, only about 250,000 dollars has been invested on the land. The over 31 million dollars has either been used for other types of businesses or been taken off-shore by the TPLF businessmen.

The report said the TPLF businessmen usually threaten and consistently harass local officials into yielding to requests to obtain bank loans.

The report said heavy machineries, vehicles, chemicals and other inputs that were imported duty free under the name of the investment have not been seen in Omo. Of the total land allocated, only 800 hectares of land has been developed for sugar plantations and the rest has been sitting idle.

If anyone thinks this is from the TransAtlantic Slave Trade  Era, he or she is mistaken. This is now, the crime of human rights violation by people who protested against land grab (

If anyone thinks this is from the TransAtlantic Slave Trade Era, he or she is mistaken. This is now, the crime of human rights violation by people who protested against land grab (

An international uproar ensued a week or so ago, after the above picture began circulating on the social media showing men from the Omo valley in a chain gang, loaded on a police pickup. They were held by the TPLF regime’s forces for protesting against forcible seizure of their lands by the government for sugar plantations.

Recall that the South Omo Valley Police Commissioner Fiseha Garedew denied any such human rights violation of the people ever took place in the area, according to a report on the Voice of America (VOA). Contrary to existence of stories shootings to kill and mass graves on the international media, he also denied there was any anger or protests by residents of the South Omo Valley!

Those citizens and foreign investors that read this and shut their minds, as usually capitalism encourages such policies and reactions, are doing it at the risk of their own perils and Ethiopia descending into conflicts and possible disintegration.

/Omo Valley story source: ESAT


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