Why waste US taxpayers’ monies, when Washington has no concerns whatsoever about violations of human rights of Ethiopians, disappearances & daily executions; its sole interest is using Ethiopians to fight its war against Al-Shabab!

29 Mar

Editor’s Note:

    We have hard time remembering what the purpose of Barack Obama’s visit to Ethiopia was at the end of July 2015. However, we recall that he gave the TPLF regime, he congratulated as ‘democratically elected’, US instruction to continue to bravely fight terrorism in the Horn of Africa, especially in Somalia.

    The man in the Ethiopian prime minister’s office assured the visiting president in a public statement on July 27, 2014:

      “We have agreed to intensify the campaign against terrorism in the region, and we both noted with satisfaction the progress AMISOM forces and Somali National Army are making, with the support of the U.S. and other partners, in their fight against al-Shabaab.”
      Since then, we have come to learn that Al-Shabab, despite the drone attacks and its many losses is keeping up its destructive efforts. Please note that of all those nations that rallied with the US in the securitisation of their development, Ethiopian mothers and families are the only ones that have been denied information about their losses in Somalia. To this day, we do not have the number of Ethiopians soldiers killed in Somali since November 2006!

      We are very much disappointed by the whole thing, i.e., the worsening internal situation in Ethiopia and Al-Shabab continuing to spring to life like many-headed serpent. We also are saddened by the state of the over century old Ethiopia-America relations, wherein Ethiopians have come to be seen as mere foot soldiers for US interests in Africa, instead of an independent nation and an ally of the United States.

      The latest now is that Assistant Secretary of State Tom Malinowski’s visit to Ethiopia starting today is intended as “part of the continued follow-up on President Obama’s July visit to Addis Ababa.” That visit did not make any sense to us, as it was intended America to shore up a dictatorial regime. We do not think and believe now this latest effort is sensible and decent!

      Ethiopians are proud people and they deserve relations based on mutual respect and something better than this byzantine uni-directional traffic and a non-policy in the bilateral relations between the two nations!


    Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
    by Spokesperson of the State Dept

    Today March 29, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Tom Malinowski will travel to Ethiopia to meet with government officials. This is part of the continued follow-up on President Obama’s July visit to Addis Ababa.

    On March 30-31, Assistant Secretary Malinowski will meet with government officials and civil society groups in Rwanda to discuss media freedom, regulations governing NGO operations, and broader dynamics in the region.

    On April 1-2, Assistant Secretary Malinowski will then travel to Burundi to where he will meet with government officials to discuss the importance of conducting immediate and independent investigations of human rights abuse allegations.

    On April 2-6, he will be in Kenya to meet with government and security force officials, parliamentarians, civil society advocates, and religious leaders to discuss a range of issues including the importance of an active and empowered civil society, rule of law, the intersection of human rights and security efforts, and progress on implementing the Kenya-U.S. Joint Commitment to Promote Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Efforts in Kenya agreed during the President’s visit.

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