Oromo Protests: Medrek criticizes conflict between PM’s apology for regime’s behavior & continued killings & mass arrests of Oromos!

3 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (Medrek) criticized the recent “apology” of Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn concerning the unrest that spread across the Oromia Regional State claiming that it was less genuine since mass detention and torture is still continuing across the region; that is even after the apology.

The party expressed its grievance over the apology of the PM in a press conference held at the party’s headquarters around Sidist Kilo off Weatherall Street on Friday afternoon.

The party claimed that “if the apology by the government is real and genuine, the perpetrators should have been brought before the court of justice and at the same time the mass detention and torture of both Medrek’s members and civilians should have stopped immediately.” However, the party statement noted that the problem still continues today and even after the apology more than 2,627 citizens were detained in different areas of the Oromia Regional State.

The party also stated that the government did the apology not because it wanted real reconciliation with the people and wanting to offer a lasting solution to the unrest, rather it was to win the hearts of the international donors.

“The government is well aware that apologizing and asking for forgiveness is a widely accepted and diligent thing to do in the developed world. It is a sign of shouldering responsibility in the developed world therefore the government did this thing to attract the attention of the international community; the apology is more of a work of public relation,” it claimed.
The statement of the party went on further to criticize the apology and stated that “the government is not willing to punish the officials who are responsible for the failure in the system; it rather transfer them to another position or area compounding the problem further and telling as to how the apology is not genuine.”

The party also stated that though the government pretends as if it has regretted the loss of life and destruction in the property related to the recent unrest in Oromia Region, the fact on the ground remains intact and even worsened in some parts of the region.

In this regard, the party warned that the unrest is not yet over and that the problem might escalate, therefore, the party called on to the government to respond to the demands of the people as soon as possible and bring to justice those who are responsible for the loss of lives, injuries and damage to property.

The party also called for the immediate release of its members and citizens who are detained illegally and asked government to compensate the families of the people who have lost their lives and those who have sustained injuries.
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