Protecting the unreal, non-existent ‘TPLF image’, while poverty, drought, hunger & misgovernance claim numerous Ethiopian lives:                          cruel & willful neglect!

12 Apr

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The in-coming head of Save the Children and former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who was visiting the drought-stricken parts of Ethiopia said in a telephone interview Monday with Climate Home, “I can safely say this [the drought] is something that will come back and it will come back even worse.”

“There’s no indication that this will be the last drought in Ethiopia and I don’t think it’s a coincidence it’s the worst drought in 50 years”, she added.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt then warned the international community Ethiopia “desperately needs funds to tackle its worst dryness in a half-century, and should anticipate more severe bouts in the future.”

Image consciousness, not when the TPLF shoots and executes

It is unfortunate, the regime in power in Ethiopia is pretentious, suffering from terrible lack of human decency. On one hand its members rob the nations in all sorts of ways. This includes some family members of powerful people carrying via Ethiopian Airlines thousands of stolen dollars smuggled out of the country using their connections. The latest of this is the case of ‘three Ethiopian tourists’ who stuffed a bag with $356,000 in cash, $100 notes, only to lose it and recover it at Guangzhou Airport, China, according to SCMP.

Given the state to state and ideologically ties, Chinese police let them go with the money, although it is illegal to transport money across international frontiers in that manner. Not long ago, it had happened in the UK. The smuggler was taken to court and the judge had asked him whether there is bank in his country. There was no prosecution, to the best of my information.

On the other hand, the regime is mishandling this drought situation, in which the lives of millions of Ethiopian has been exposed to danger. It resents, not because of sufferings of citizens, but for spoiling its image.

Monday, there are news reports that the TPLF regime had informed OCHA they do not want it reporting on the drought situation. This I had heard it myself on ESAT news and also read about this morning in Amharic on ESAT page.

Here is how this has come to pass. An old hand TPLF hand by the name Berhane Gebre Cristos, a man easily given to mangling facts and truth to suit his purpose, was recently appointed minister and special envoy of the prime minister; he delivered a terrible and mistaken message OCHA, which would prove costly to the lives of several million Ethiopians.

It was Berhane Gebre-Cristos’s first major assignment Monday who, upon instruction by the man sitting in the Ethiopian prime minister’s office, communicated to the UN official in charge of OCHA in Addis Abeba that the United Nations should immediately suspend the March 23, 2016 90-day-fund-raising-initiative, which OCHA, UNICEF, USAID and Save the Children have been executing on behalf of the drought victims that at the moment do not figure prominently in receiving the necessary international humanitarian support.

As to the reason for this drastic action, the same source reported that the prime minister’s envoy had told the United Nations representative that the TPLF regime strongly felt that such international fund-raising would “tarnish its image”!

It is important to recall here that, as can been seen from the video below, it was the TPLF regime through the same person masquerading as prime minister that appealed to the international community to extend generous hands to feed those Ethiopians that the regime cannot reach.

The realization now is that this kind of campaign would terribly inconvenience investors, a story of famine in a priority Western ally nation – since famine and death on one side and profit on the other cannot go hand in hand. It is unthinkable for many that this is happening in a country – rain or shine, whether there is electricity, water, internet and phone services – but the economy consistently grows by 11 percent per year, as per TPLF propaganda.

So for the TPLF regime this has now become a matter of conscious choice whether it should prioritize investor interests or the lives of Ethiopian citizens in the throes of a changing drought into famine for many individuals and families. These are citizens who have already lost up to 90 percent of their assets, especially livestock, according to the BBC, from which recovery takes several years.

Drought situation worsens

Interestingly, without surrendering to the decision by the tyrants not to report on the situation, OCHA today announced that the number of Priority One woredas, severely affected districts, has increased from 186 (December 2015) to 219 (March 2016). OCHA’s report is of the view that this is an indication of a deteriorated humanitarian situation.

It is also reported that in total, 443 woredas were prioritized in all three categories, up from the original 429 woredas in the December 2015 classification. The number of Priority Two woredas decreased from 154 (December) to 147 (March); and the number of Priority Three woredas decreased from 89 (December) to 77 (March).

In Ethiopia, the drought is called El Niño-induced climate change

Many in the international community are aware the drought that the TPLF and its spin doctors have rechristined as El Niño-induced climate change is on the verge of becoming a horrible famine. The fear is that this may consign the young and the old, man and woman, father and mothers, sons and siblings into expiration in the most unkindest of ways – death by hunger!

Why has the TPLF become so inhuman? The so-called prime minister’s envoy told the representative of OCHA, who tried to talk commonsense into his head, by reminding him that the shortfall in humanitarian assistance at this very moment is $714,000. He was also told that, without this money, Ethiopia and the international community cannot address the needs of about six million nourished children, hungry and lactating mothers, among others.

The response is typically TPLFite. The so-called prime minister’s envoy said “there was enough food at the ports and the only problem was land transportation to distribute food to the affected areas.”

Anyways, he pointed out since the government decision cannot be changed, the United Nations must either abide by it or “close up shop and leave the country if it does not agree with the decision of the government.”

That much for the TPLF’s concern for citizens that are in most unfortunate situation.

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