UPDATE 1: Death toll from South Sudan Gunmen Rising, As Has Number of Abducted Children

17 Apr

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin; The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

TPLF news outlet Fana reported on April 17, 2016 that the death toll from Friday April 15, 2016 in the four Anuak and Nuer districts of Jor, Gog, Jikawo and Mukue has climbed to 208.

Similarly, the number of abducted children has also climbed from three dozens to 108 now. The attackers are also said to have rustled over 2,000 heads of cattle.

The news source also reported that the TPLF military has continued its action against the attackers, within South Sudanese territory, to free the abducted children.

Meanwhile, the Tana Security Conference, which is in progress in Bahir Dar. South Sudan president is not in attendance, nor is it clear if at all the country is represented. However, the TPLF regime has given indication that they are in talks with Juba officials.

Today’s news reporting by the TPLF media has repeatedly referred to the attackers as “armed bandits.”

So far, there is no remark by the United Nations Secretary-General or if at all, Ethiopia has made the Organization aware of this evolving situation.

There is also no expression of anger or sympathy by any other nation, as usually is the case, for the Ethiopians killed or the children abducted.

In his key note message to the Tana Security Conference, which has now been renamed the Tana Forum Foundation, Dr. Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary of the Africa Economic Commission inscribed on Tana Forum Foundation logo: “Economic causes of conflict have been often forgotten, a mistake only matched by the refusal to accept the need to address the complexity underlying any conflict.”

I would hope in earnest that the TPLF would cut its gibberish and senseless theatrics it has designed to score political advantages and pay sufficient attention to such counsel. Any further delay in this means, acceleration of Ethiopian rejecting of its continued repression and denial of the people’s voices and representation in their own country of birth!


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