TPLF ‘Human Rights Report’ released: Its lies are inordinately tilted toward defenses of itself against future prosecutions

11 Jun

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin, The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

In its Saturday’s edition, The Reporter has come out with its look into the TPLF’s long-awaited report on the responses of the security forces against protestors in Oromia and Gondar, which Thursday was presented to the House of Representatives.

In fact, for most of the time rather these protests have been recognized for their peaceful rebellion, rather than violence, contrary to the TPLF’s mis-characterization. Accordingly, not only the justifiability of why they rose in the first place against the TPLF regime, i.e., land grab, bad governance, ethnic identity issues and administration, which proffered on them recognition and popular support. But also it is their peaceful protests that have given them the staying power as movements.

Based on this TPLF ‘Human Rights report’, The Reporter now tells the world that at the height of the Oromia protests, 616 people were injured and 173 killed, including 14 security officers. In Gondar, 87 people were killed, including two police officers, and 87 injured.

Given our intimate knowledge of TPLF’s behavior and modus operandi during the past 25 years, TPLF is good in two areas of maths. These are specialities in subtraction (de-emphasis) and addition (exaggeration). Surely, our reading of the report has left us with conviction that if the TPLF admits these many killings in Oromia & Gondar, these should be seen as improvement, unintentional though, aiming to hoodwink the international community.

Parliament was told the Amhara regional state should publicly apologize to both the Kimant community as well as the entire people of the region. They know that it is the TPLF that has taken their land and made it part of Tigray ; it has also taken away their identity, dubbing them Tigreans. Perhaps the meaning here is that the Amhara Administration is only Amhara in name and Tigrean in function.

Divisive as the TPLF has always been, in the view of the Human Rights Commissioner Addis Gebre-Egziabher’s is that the Oromos whose blood the TPLF has shed with impunity do not even deserve an apology! We have already seen one given and taken away early this year.

We have seen it how shamelessly people such as Sebhat Nega, Abay Tsehaye, Debretsion Gebremichael, Getachew Assefa, etc., oppose any apology that the so-called prime minister had made in parliament and forced him to swallow after persistent campaign by these people, pushing him into ridicule and publicly beating him on the media, including TPLF’s Horn Affairs.

At least, the report is good for future actions, if it all its testimony has any merit on its own. It acknowledges, as summed up by ‘The Reporter’, protests in Oromia were caused by lack of good governance, human right violations by security forces at zonal and woreda level, and the escalating unfair justice system in the region.

Essentially, what is striking about this report is how incompetent the TPLF lawyer(s) who either wrote or reviewed it are. The report’s motive is not to be accountable and inform the Ethiopian people and the international community the extent of the destructions of human lives and communities the TPLF security forces have committed. On the contrary, its primary purpose is to distort everything and make a bloody situation as acceptable as possible.

In that, TPLF’s Addisu Gebre-Egizeabher, chair of the so-called Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), has only one mission in drafting the report. He has endeavored to create conditions for the TPLF to continue to savor unconstitutional and unaccountable power, while it lasts, especially as Ethiopians have totally rejected it as a thug, thief and murderer in state power and are working on seeing its back. In his earlier emanation in May 2015, as deputy chair of the National Election Board, Addisu delivered electoral victory of 100 percent to his ruling party, getting opposition parties out of the way and stuffing election boards.

Even in his report now, he could not overcome the mortal hostility to the legal opposition his and TPLF’s are made of. He now accuses the opposition of being part the violence and protests against the much-hated TPLF regime.

Therefore, while the blood of those massacred by the Agazi is still crying fro justice, TPLF protection commandos constituted entirely of Tigreans, their man at the EHRC now tells us “the police had used proportional measures.”

Why is he telling us now the killers were ‘police’, not the Agazi commandos?

Is it to move the Tigray name out of the entire massacre and human rights abuses altogether, or to minimize the extent of the onslaught Oromia and Gondar have endured and are enduring? We cant say the TPLF is ready to wipe its hands clean, since illegal detentions, abductions, torture, killings have continued.

Secondly, the two regions still have been blanketed by sort of marshal law, the military and the security exercising both their ‘administrative powers’ and the killings thereon. The usually supine civilian regional administrations have quietly retreated into the recesses of oblivion, appearing on the media only to read statements or announcements the TPLF writes and has them read on television in their names.

Rather this TPLF ‘human rights report’ is an unmistakable evidence that clearly speaks to the Front’s disproportionate uses of force. Various sources have diverse number of the dead, especially in Oromia. However, rough estimates speak of massacres of from over 900 to a thousand people killed in both regions, the great majority Oromos.

The TPLF is known to be a violent state power. It is no surprise that the Front should be worried about possible future criminal prosecution coming its way, terrifying as are the charges of crimes against humanity dangling on its face. As a power without legitimacy in and moral authority over Ethiopians, the number of people it has killed are extremely high, more than it could admit.

Since murder by a Rambo-esque state power is not the proper and justifiable use of legitimate state violence in this age and time, surprisingly Addisu’s report is a great service, coming as it does – through magnitudes – to affirm that in both form and content the TPLF once again in this situation only proving as a different version of ISIIS in Ethiopia, operating under the cover of the law.

Of course, the House being an assemblage of handpicked TPLF coteries, the members endorsed both the findings and recommendation of the report with ten abstaining votes, according to The Reporter.

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