Brexit: Could it cleanse and sanitize the international non-sytem?

24 Jun

TEO Editorial :

Sanitization moment for the international system

UK’s withdrawal (Brexit) from the European Union (EU), a continental organization that for long has lost its ways, may be a revolution. We would dare to say that it may possibly have positive implications to the international system, which has become a non-system.

Difficult as Brexit may be for the people of the United Kingdom, experts and the media should refrain from weaving its story out of strands of doom and gloom.

As to the experts’ hubris, let what they pronounced on the early rise of the pound up to 30 percent during the referendum they interpreted as an early sign of victory for the Remain camp be their poison pill! In other words, we are pleased that this fraud in the name of financial expertise should humble the gurus of the London currency marketplace. It has become another instructive moment to London politico-financiers, as once it was to economists in the 2007/08 great depression that made lots of noise, with 99.9 percent of were unable to see it coming or, or its continued perseverance that ever since has been afflicting the global economy.

Of course, the first person to notice Brexit is all gloom and doom is Prime Minister David Cameron himself, the very author of this crisis. On the morrow of the referendum, he has announced readiness to jump ship by October 2016, once his successor is in no office. His gambling on the future of an important nation is unlikely to bring sanctions upon him.

One only needs to wish the people of the United Kingdom well on their journey to a future that could test the unity of their country.

In a way, it’s also important time for the United Kingdom to learn some lessons, however bitter and painful that may be. We say this, because of the strategy of “securitization of development” the West, especially the United States and the United Kingdom have adopted as a price for their response to what happened in 9/11 – the anger still continuing to consume them – is affecting peoples in developing nations for no fault of their own.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that poor nations in the southern hemisphere are oblivious of the new unholy alliances with dictators. With such support for authoritarianism, they have destroyed in a number of developing countries the transition to a democratic future and respect for fundamental human rights.

Some like the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in Ethiopia got co-opted into this alliance, not because of any anti-terrorism credentials, but simply because they are proven killers and torturers. One cannot fight terrorism lawlessly and through guns alone.

The West liked what it saw in the TPLF – the extent of their cruelty and capacity to commit any crime causelessly. That is a mafia organization, which has chosen to make a living by availing its services in return for the financial, political and diplomatic support. The TPLF has secured the rich world’s willingness to turn a blind eye to its crimes of killing children, destroying families, torturing prisoners and raping or humiliating women in prisons. They could remain in power as brutal dictators on their peoples, sol long as they provided soldiers to fight terrorism.

In July 2015, Ethiopians were told to their face, the West’s deliberate reading of this as “democratic process” or “democratic election“, so long those nations fought Al-Shabab’s terrorism in Somalia, or elsewhere in Africa – under the incompetency of the African Union (AU) and Ban Ki-moon’s cheerleading from within the United Nations.

As students in Western countries, some have long witnessed those two nations’ glorious historical experiences and the lessons thereon in democracy and human freedoms. However, beside their 9/11 syndromes, they have become desirous of benefitting their companies in our countries as investors – for that matter some of them not even paying taxes. Therefore, these powerful nations have chosen to openly deny even their former students that thought and felt like them in believing and asking their nations to benefit from democracy and human freedoms.

Those students of theirs saw the West throwing its weight in favor of the authoritarianism and unabashed impunity that has now pushed, for instance, Ethiopia on its path to the regime suffering rejection for being a killer and robber, though the West loves to support it.

There is now need to see this as a real moment to acknowledge the real defenders of human rights, human freedoms and human dignity in Ethiopia. Through thick and thin, even when it was against their countries’s economic interests, those organizations have stuck with the developing nations, whose future is being affected by the indifference to cruelty the West has been showing.

We have in mind national and international human rights and humanitarian organizations, such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Freedom House, Doctors Without Borders, etc., certainly not the United States, not the United Kingdom, not the United Nations, not the European Union!

Under the circumstances, we are given to thinking that the emergence of Donald Trump on the Republican ticket in the United States and now Brexit, which has unleashed an unanticipated revolution in Europe, could be a blessing in disguise. The EU in the hands of the most inept and possibly politically corrupt leaders, may have unconsciously facilitated, perhaps, something that may help Europe and the United States to stop and think the world is both round and flat.

Extension of the new lesson is that they must stop taking others for granted! Breathe deep and see that Brexit is a season of sanitization for all!

Looking at it from out vantage point, after all, the existing order has been indifferent to our nations’ sufferings in the face of Western-assisted TPLF dictatorship’s cruelty on our edge of the planet!


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