Exiled prominent journalist & activist write open letter to Ethiopia’s security chief, following threats to families back home

6 Jul

Editor’s Note:

    Ethiopia under the TPLF is seen more and more sinking to the lowest of the lowest, atrociousness and Nazi-type repression as its hallmark. It is a worrisome time to be Ethiopian for everyone now, save the TPLF bosses and their bootlickers!

    An opposition leader Habtamu Ayalew was tortured in prison for more than two years. When he was released recently, he fell gravely ill in consequence of the brutal tortures to his manhood. Doctors wrote recommendation for him to be treated abroad. While a dying man in hospital bed awaits exit visa, the regime ruled it out, saying it could not take decision before October 21 – to make sure he is dying. When his wife heard this Tuesday, she fainted in court. Could there be justice in Ethiopia, with the brutes in power?

    The TPLF has been spending millions of dollars to jam ESAT and OMN and sniff into the computers of Ethiopians in foreign lands, with sophisticated spyware, to no avail. Now the regime has sunk to the lowest of the lowest. It has started to threaten relatives of exiled Ethiopian journalists and activists.

    While this is happening, the country called Ethiopia, the best friend of Western democracies, has already been member of the United Nations Human Rights Council and also at the end of June has been awarded seat at the UN Security Council.

    What is this? What has become of the international system? The media keeps on talking about the crimes of ISIS, but has the international system and the values of the big and medium power nations lost? Is it barbarians that now rule the world, which have no morals, even in situations where the true mafia code could have honor?


Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

ESAT News (July 6, 2016) Exiled journalist Sisay Agena and Tamagn Beyene, an activist and a well-known critic of the Ethiopian government wrote an open letter to the country’s security chief, Getachew Asefa following intimidation against their family back home in order to silence their criticism of the government.

In a joint letter released on Tuesday, Sisay and Tamagn, who now live in exile in the United States, wrote that agents of the regime and operatives of the Security and Intelligence Service paid a visit to their respective families on June 29, 2016, and offered briberies and intimidations in what they called “an attempt to stop us from our efforts to bring freedom to our country.”

“We are well aware that our everyday effort to realize our dream of having a free country would not be welcomed by the powers that be in Ethiopia; but we have never expected that your intelligence and security operatives would pay a visit to our family back home to threaten them or offer enticements so we would stop our struggle,” said the joint letter.

Sisay, managing editor at ESAT and producer of several programs, is known for his sharp criticism of the tyrannical regime back in his country, which is known to be one of the World’s top jailers of journalists. He was in and out of jail for several years before he was finally forced into exile.

A former comedian known for his wit and a man who once dominated the stages of theaters in his homeland, Tamagn Beyene left his country two decades ago. But having seen the sufferings of his fellow Ethiopians at the hands of tyrants, he decided to use his influence and skills to be a voice to the voiceless. He also runs a weekly talk show on ESAT.

“Threats against our families, holding them hostages and presenting enticements would not in any way stop us from our struggle for freedom,” their joint letter said in conclusion.

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