Breaking News Gondar I:                   Sad & Emerging Picture of Today’s & Tomorrow’s Ethiopia Along TPLF’s Path of Destruction!

13 Jul

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin, The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


The fighting in Gondar is still continuing. It is war between a fully-armed state, headed by the TPLF on one side and civil society in Gondar on the other. Mostly, the young have been angrier. They have suffered TPLF’s brutality. They have even been betrayed by everyone, including the United Nations, the UNHCR, the European Union (EU), the United States etc., that turned a blind eye to the repression in the country.

While the number of Ethiopian migrants/refugees to different parts of the world has been very high, the international powers to be often played down the fact of the TPLF-led Ethiopia is a refugee producing country. In every direction, the youth chose to flee the country instead of falling under the boots of the Front and being tortured in prison.

Ethiopia has become a living hell to its citizens. This is the truth that has been denied recognition, even by United Nations officials in the Office of the Human Rights High Commissioner. As it happens now, Ethiopians have started taking their destiny in their hands. It would not be easy, but it is better to dare and look into the possibilities.

What is happening now in Gondar is not unexpected, as it was in Oromia too. The TPLF has done it in Oromia, early on in Gambella, the Ogaden and after that in Afar, South Omo Valley, etc. It would never stop, since the TPLF is not a learning and reformable organization.

Sadly, now its arrogance of power has brought our country to the brink of disaster, which requires standing together and working together, not to squander the opportunities before our nation.

Instead of listening to the pleas and pleadings of the people, the TPLF wanted to build its Greater Tigray through territorial annexation. For that, it robbed lands of neighboring regions – Gondar and Wollo in particular. This was not enough for it!

Tigrai Region after 1991
The worst part of this is that, in its People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia the TPLF has the nerve to tell people who they are, as a license to keep the land it has taken by force turning Amharas into Tigreans!

Now Ethiopia is at a dangerous crossroad, unlike any before. I know the TPLF leaders cannot listen. Their star has waned down right at this moment.

I would, therefore, urge them to come to their senses in these final hours of the opportunity they had lost to lead Ethiopia. Whether they believe it or not, the TPLF people are very much hated throughout Ethiopia. The Ethiopian people do not want to have anything to do with them. If they are sensible enough, since they have exploited the name of the people of Tigray, they should now give it respite from the fall out.

Ethiopians have had enough and they want the TPLF, this organization of thieves and murders, to pack and leave our country!

See what happened in Gondar to those the people known as their associates. The anger led some members of #GondarRising to attack and destroy their businesses. In such moments, care should be taken since things could get out of hand and innocent people could get hurt.

Nevertheless, it is important that TPLF associates paid proper attention to these developments. The TPLF leaders in this quarter century have shown us all that they care is themselves alone.

Take notice, the day of judgement has slowly started arriving!

It is important that, as Ethiopians affect the changes they want to see, they should also show their historical sensibility, keeping in mind the long centuries we have lived together. They should seek justice, but they should refrain from imitating the barbarity of the TPLF in meting out a justice driven by hatred and vengeance!

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