BAHIR DAR UPDATE 1:               Agazi brought in from Tigray; heavy gunfire; it has killed more citizens; citizens’ resolve reported strong

7 Aug

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin, The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


News report indicates that the fight between Bahir Dar protesters and TPLF security forces have intensified. TPLF has sent reinforcements from Tigrai, its notorious assassination force Agazi. On arrival in Bahir Dar, it is reported, it started shooting directly at the protesters. A lot more people are reported killed.

Interestingly, less than an hour ago news report came that the TPLF commandos have fired at the Bahir Dar Oromia branch bank. The goal of this, low level thinking as it is, it is intended to draw a wedge into the latest solidarity between Amharas and Oromos.

People have also been reported to have flocked all the way from Gondar to join the Bahir Dar protesters.

Protesters have burnt the pictures of current leaders. They have also been chanting: TPLF is a thief; free political prisoners throughout the country; they also demanded an end of the TPLF regime, Wolqaiyt is ours, etc.

Several TPLF-owned business have also reported destroyed. The homes of TPLF officials, including that of the federal minister Kassa Tekleberhan was also destroyed.

TPLF flags were removed from masts and replaced by traditional Ethiopian tricolor.

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