ESAT news: TPLF’s arrogance of power throws Ethiopia into all-round crisis

12 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


One Response to “ESAT news: TPLF’s arrogance of power throws Ethiopia into all-round crisis”

  1. Takele August 13, 2016 at 13:22 #

    The question of Peace and stability in Ethiopia
    I would like to give special gratitude for the concerned Ethiopians and civic
    organizations who are trying their best to bring peace and justices by paving the way for
    reconciliation .
    The main goal of this article is to insight and make transitional justice happen for
    adoption by a few organizations who are working to secure the abused system of
    peace and justices of our country . These organizations will insist to takeover and teach
    the advocacy role to be played by civic organizations In promoting guiding principles on
    the rule of law in Ethiopia .Now a days the Ethiopian government acts as a government without responsibility, this is because the government is short of fairness , accountability and impractical . There is no tendency of promoting of tolerance , peace and justice which in hence the path for reconciliation .

    The government of Ethiopia must have to show the tendency to narrow the
    prevalence of pluralism or participation accountability , fairness and ensuring
    values of justice ,rule of law and reconciliation . Cultivating peace and justice and
    achieving peace in Ethiopia needs a greater sense of common purpose to shared
    goals at the country’s level . The government needs integrating thinking to address
    the integrating problems of the society or else pay the price sooner or later.
    Ethiopia is in a civil conflict and about to wage a civil war . In order to avert
    the danger, concerned community members must open discussion across the country
    about the vital nature of the problem that can hinder not to reach consensus
    building and collective problem solving . Organizations that are working on peace
    and justice have to start dealing with the government of Ethiopia , the opposition
    groups and find a conducive atmosphere for reconciliation .
    The current situation in Ethiopia and the complexity of the problem has to make
    our citizens find ways to solve the problem . The government of Ethiopia created
    mess followed by loss of life , plunder of resources , reprisal against defenseless
    Oromo , Amhara , Gambella Ogaden etc. people . The wide spread violation of
    human rights can lead the country to disintegrate or create multiple civil war
    monger players . Peace without justice is impossible in our era . Conflicts and
    instability leads to negativity and things never reach conclusion . Every individual
    should try his/her level best to avoid conflict . Let us wish a bright fantasy for the
    next generation to have lovely , prosperous and great Ethiopia .



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