TPLF inciting anit-Oromo sentiment in places; 20 Protestants in Gambella seized & thrown to prison

16 Aug

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin, The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The Gambella Regional Administration is reported to have imprisoned twenty Oromo protestants a week ago. However, it has failed to respect their constitutional rights as citizens and present them to court their guilt or innocence to be determined, according to ESAT news.

ESAT reports that when those people were apprehended, they were found with the bible in their hands, according to the Ethiopian news outlet.

It is understood that the people were imprisoned without due process of law and their crimes indicated to them. Coming as this action as it has in the wake of the August 10 protest rally in Oromia, it has aroused suspicion that the cause for their imprisoning is their ethnic origin as Oromos.

Church goers also inform that the condition of these imprisoned Oromos is terribly bad in prison, they too pointed out that this has made them question if at all there is government in Gambella, according to the news report.

For those who know the TPLF very well, this action has the hallmark of the TPLF and its vindictive behavior. The Front must have directed the regional administration to take such action.

It is likely that this might also spread in different parts of the country; it would help the TPLF by diverting national and international attention from its present focus on the TPLF’s murders of hundreds of Ethiopians and imprisonment of thousands more.

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