Tigray Special Force engages in assassinations of Amharas in Gondar! The TPLF-inspired carnage is continuing engaging the Abder Rafi residents!

26 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


Where is Abder Rafi in Ethiopia and on the map?

Where is Abder Rafi in Ethiopia?

This is an area within the Ethiopia’s soverign territory, not far from Atbara River. Historically, the place has been associated with shftas, mostly from the Ethiopian side that rustled cattle from the Sudan.

At present, there is little information about the area. It may have chosen anonymity due to history. After all, France has Corsica in similar situation until late. Therefore, not even the 2007 Ethiopia census – the second the TPLF has organized – has any notes on Abdel Rafi, unless it is registered under a different name!

When the Italian fascist forces invaded Ethiopia, the record shows, some of their troops went in “Between the 12th and the 14th /of March 1936 the Italian/ troops from the western plain, marching rapidly, occupied Noggara /=Nigwar/ and Abd el Rafi, where they were well received by the population”, according to a compilation of events.

The same publication shows that EDU entered Begemder from the Sudan border; it ‘captured Abderafe in early 1977.’ It goes on to state, quoting M & D Ottaway (1988), by “then EDU had grown into a force of some 6,000 men, armed largely with equipment given earlier by Soviet to Sudan.”

Why has the TPLF gone into Amhara Region again and followed those it killed such as Ato Tayachew, a wealthy resident of Abel Rafi? Isn’t this evidence of arrogance of power, lawlessness of those intoxicated with the ‘Greater-Tigray expansionism idea, as the saying has it, waging ‘ጠብ ያለሽ በዳቦ’?

Or is it the case that the TPLF has developed romantic association ‘Abderaffe’, as the den of lawlessness that it should now engage residents the area?

Or is it the case, Ethiopia has been destined to witness a great deal of inter-ethnic bloodletting, just because of the TPLF’s bankruptcy? History counsels, once that starts stopping it is not as easy as starting it!

Moreover, by the appearance of things and how also the TPLF has handled many things, justice is not on its side!

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