Hospital sources report over 60 Kilinto prisoners died from gunshots: Eyewitnesses vs TPLF!

6 Sep

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The TPLF regime reported Monday afternoon that 23 people had died from the fire at Kilinto Prison for Political Prisoners, most of them Oromos. There is no mentioning of the 45-minute gunfire in the morning before outbreak of the fire, or any time at all.

We now learn from ESAT “over 60 prisoners at Qilinto dead from gunshot wounds”, according to its hospital sources.

Prison sources have also confirmed that the fire was started deliberately by the prison security as a cover up.

Further, hospital sources divulged to ESAT being instructed to identify the bodies only in codes, not by the real identities of the deceased. Why should the TPLF go into such shenanigans if it has not committed any of its usual criminal deeds.

The TPLF communication office, a notorious lies manufacturer, told the media Monday afternoon that those who lost their lives died from fire, smoke inhalation and the stampede during the attempt to escape the fire. However, it has made a huge omission of the 45-minute bursts of gunfires before the fire started Saturday September 3, in which eyewitnesses had called and told ESAT that very same morning; somewhere there was also mentioning of Agazi killing prison security personnel.

It is also learnt from eyewitness reports that the day before, the area was under security cordon. It is in the morning the notorious Agazi force started shooting the prisoners, when they were trying to save themselves escaping from the fire.

It is under this condition that the TPLF massacred political prisoners, detainees under the constraint of imprisonment imposed on them by the regime. This makes it murder; and the TPLF is responsible for that.

After all, the safety and security of these cruelly executed prisoners is in the regime’s hands. TPLF being what it is, graduate of ‘Shiishte Zero‘, most of those in the leadership included, there is no doubt, it has deliberately killed those lovers of freedom and democracy.

As far as I am concerned, the TPLF has the weapons, and most of all, an unmistakeable motive.

It is my contention that the TPLF has decided to take out Bekele Gerba and his colleagues. As I wrote elsewhere, when I read his guide to Ethiopian/Oromo protesters on the economic boycott, as a strategy in civil disobedience, I thought I was reading Gandhi’s eloquent speech on the Salt March in India 1930.

As a brilliant strategist, Gandhi saw the importance British colonialists had attached to salt production by them, as means of securing Indian loyalty. Just one fine morning, Gandhi came with the idea of Indians breaking British monopoly over salt production by going and producing the white stuff themselves. That did it for India n this show off huge stake game!

The TPLF had done so many cruel and evil things in Ethiopia and its has gotten away with it thus far. It thought it would be the same cakewalk for it this time too. It has not even realized that Ethiopians have arisen with great determination and in unison to tell it enough is enough.

With all its forces, Britain could not stop those Indians that deluged the salt production sites.

The similarity of the two persons vision is that, as a disciple Bekele also wrote:

    “Historically, periods of holiday celebrations have been times where our people would wilfully agree to their own economic exploitation. This has been going on for ages and needs to stop. From the moment you hear about this call, join hands in refusing to take your produces to the market and avoiding any purchase of goods. To draw on experiences from the American civil rights movement, we can take inspiration from how Rosa Parks’ arrest for refusing to give up her seat led to a boycott of city busses for 381 days by black Americans in Montgomery, Alabama. We should also note that Mahatama Gandhi had employed a civil disobedience tactic of boycotting British clothing before eventually leading his people to freedom. As a people facing humiliations rivalling these, we should put our resources to better use instead of squandering them. Hence, we should refuse to take our grains, khat, coffee, livestock, honey, butter and other produces altogether to the market, and avoid the purchase of goods, clothing, food and drinks (from businesses benefiting from and supporting the system).”

If the TPLF has killed this person and his colleagues, I believe it has: It means that it has passed the judgement to hang itself itself on its shoestrings.

ESAT reports that some 50 bodies were reported at the Abiyot and Defense Forces hospitals. Already some bodies were transferred from Abiyot Hospital to undisclosed location(s).

Whose bodies could they be? And why? Whose idea is it? Debretsion Gebremichael’s or the entire team whose hands are soaked the blood of innocent Ethiopians in this quarter century!

I have no doubt the truth would come out to light!

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