Ireecha Massacre still in the news: A human rights expert explains what happened at Bishoftu to Arise News

3 Oct


Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


The blood of 300-500 people killed at Ireecha celebrations on its hands, the TPLF is monkeying the world – since it can no longer fool Ethiopians, instructing towns, cities and regions to send condolence messages, possibly to OPDO!

A news report on the Voice of America quoted an attendant at the Ireecha celebrations saying:

“I have been celebrating Irreecha for about 10 years but this year’s event was filled with tension,” an eyewitness told VOA. “There were a lot of police who surrounded the city. People were chanting ‘we don’t want it,’ rejecting the current government and said that they want their own administration and opposed the government.”


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