Breaking News: Ethiopia falls under six-month state of emergency

9 Oct

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The TPLF robot is on duty, its habitual finger wagging hopefully for the last time! (Credit: Addis Fortune)[/caption]

The TPLF robot is on duty, its habitual finger wagging hopefully being seen for the last time! (Credit: Addis Fortune)

As of Saturday October 8, 2016, the TPLF regime has declared state of emergency in Ethiopia, according to Addis Fortune.

The repressive regime has been in a state of panic and by so doing, it is now hoping to contain the popular struggle that as of the Ireecha Massacre has severely threatened the only relatively peaceful part of the nation, Addis Abeba, the nation’s capital city that has been encircled by citizens that want to dethrone the TPLF once and for all.

This state of emergency is the first in 25 years and is expected to last six months, notes the paper, if the regime gets its way. For many Ethiopia observers, this is extremely unlikely since the TPLF has antagonized all sections of society. Its corruption and brutality and the injustices have angered society and it’s presumed that everyone wants to see its back.

In fact, the essential question must be whether citizens could know the difference between being under the TPLF state of emergency or the TPLF normalcy. In a country where the security interests of the regime have taken precedence over everything else, with the rule of law as its first casualty, the TPLF has made sure that it ruled with an iron fist hoping it would last in power until the Second Coming.

TPLF has been imprisoning journalists, censoring news papers and, through its And-Le-Amst (one person being responsible for the behavior of four others in the family, neighborhoods, farms, factories, offices, etc.,) the thoughts and breaths of citizens, with fear as its key and lock. Therefore, the differential whether under TPLF marshal law or the non-quality of life of Ethiopians is likely to be insignificant. It started long ago, when the TPLF was allowed to give itself the freedom to control the churches, mosques and finally the minds of citizens.

The extent of slavery under the TPLF is such that since April 2014 the TPLF has made it its practice to go to school premises and university campuses and shoots students and teachers. C

Consequently, the difference is really not that significant. Probably, the only danger that tops everything is the freedom TPLF operatives would enjoy to go around and rob houses and families by day and night under the guise of the emergency measures – as happened during the Moslem protests when robbing jewelries, household stuff and monies, raping women, etc.

Mathematically speaking, the situation could be defined like this= TPLF repression and oppression raised to the power of non-existence of Ethiopian citizens.

A fundamental question remains. It is whether after such hell on earth and the coming storms, Ethiopians could see change, better days, democratic transformation, freedom and equality of citizens once the TPLF bandits are gone!

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