Defiant Gondar scorns TPLF ‘martial law’ by engaging in forbidden strike

17 Oct

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


It is reported that business and services in Gondar were closed Monday, a day after the TPLF state of emergency law has come into force.

Article 4 (1) of the state of emergency prohibits all licensed businesses from striking or closing their service centers, or absenting themselves from work.

ESAT indicated that only regime-financed small transport services were the ones that wanted to sabotage, starting to provide service. Such individuals who are engaged in small transport services were attacked for breaking the agreement to stay out of service.

Organizers of the strike have indicated that the strike would continue Tuesday.

In expressing his appreciation for bravery of the participants in Gondar strike, Prof. Berhanu Nega, Chairman of Arbengoch Ginbot 7 praised their courage for showing their resolve with the strike that came a day after the state of emergency has come into effect. He lauded the action taken by Gondar, which he described as indication of Ethiopian rejection once and for all of TPLF subjugation.

The chairman urged the strikers to persevere in their action to bring the downfall of the regime, according to ESAT.

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