Since Ireecha, TPLF has intensified its cruelty, including killings against Oromos

17 Oct

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Even long before the state of emergency has been promulgated, or its coming into force, the TPLF has shown its cruelty against the people of Oromia.

Regime sources and social media reports show various mistreatments, illegal imprisonments and killings in different parts of Oromia. For instance, the Ethiopian Human Rights Project (EHRP) today tweeted detention in Sebata of a thousand people, suspected of of property destruction.

This has also been confirmed by Fana, the TPLF news outlet.

Merely the size of the huge pool of suspects seized and thrown to jail in a small district town of 73,000 population and area size of 9,797.3 sq. km, according to the Ethiopian Central Statistical Office (CSA), shows the motive to be TPLF vindictiveness.

Not only, this. Since the Ireecha Massacre 35,000 Oromos have been put to prison as part of the TPLF objective of frightening and discouraging the people through mass arrests.

Meanwhile, farmers in West Arsi and Kofele district, hotbeds of revolt against the TPLF regime are now complaining about being prevented from harvesting their crops. The new law has designated various ‘red zones’, where security forces can take action against a citizen, including killing, at any time. Now the Arsi farmers, those that feed Ethiopia, are being refused to enter their farms, according to social media reports vetted by OMN.

Further, the danger now is that the TPLF has intensified its execution of Oromos in different parts of the region. Especially targeted are people in parts of Arsi, Shoa and Hararge, known for their militancy. The aim of such measures is to cower the people into submission.

When a state is supposed to resolve the causes of tension and conflicts with citizens, the TPLF seems to have chosen the violent course and injustices, leading to a wilful commission of crimes against humanity in Ethiopia.

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