TPLF hits jackpot on the chemical inputs front, a seal to its future supremacy – with meagre resources of Ethiopia’s treasury

11 Nov

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Unlike the TPLF supposedly operating under the name of Tigray, other Ethiopian regions have never been as independent and free to manage their respective developments. Under various pretexts, especially developmental state policies, the TPLF blocks the other Ethiopian regions from pursuing the development alternative they think would benefit their regions and the populations thereof.

There are instances, the TPLF has behaved as auditor and program in-chief of the nation, exploiting the opportunity to authorize redeployment of resources to the Tigray regional state. Lately, this has taken the form of ‘forced sympathy’ on the smaller, weaker regions where the TPLF agents are the heads such as Afar and the Ogaden. They are squeezed to redeploy funds allegedly to help dislocated Tigreans, for instance, from Gondar.

In no way can this be considered a sign of all regional actors pulling in the same direction for national development.

Under such a situation, Ethiopians have been fooled and cheated out of their resources and consequently their future. This happens just because those that think for the nation the TPLF systematically undermines as ‘chauvinists’ or ‘narrow nationalists’ and throws them out from their jobs, or totally disables them.

We picked up this as a convenient gateway to discuss the latest TPLF decision about TPLF enrichment plan, through a program funded by the Ethiopian treasury, developed and recommended by the Chemical Construction and Inputs Industry Development Institute, supposedly a government institution, which strictly services the TPLF interests.

The Institute has just accomplished its TPLF focussed homework, under the leadership of Samuel Halal, a TPLF member- The project on the development of the chemical inputs program, the recommended establishment of a chemical industries complex in Tigray at a cost of ETB five billion, as reported by FANA, to house nine industries.

As a TPLF member, Samuel Halal’s mission was to develop for Tigray, accelerating its industrial develpment. Therefore, Samuel Halal and his Tigrayan staff have accomplished a chapter of TPLF’s journey by snatching Ethiopian resources and possibilities.

Recall that several years ago Ethiopians discovered opal production in Shoa as well as Wollo, the latter being the best one in the world. I the above-cited article, we have reported how that turned to fattening TPLF pockets!

Not long ago – actually in April 2015 – we recall how the TPLF displaced the members of the Algé Kebele farmers from their cooperatively held lands and handed them over to some wealthy Tigreans to start tobacco plantation. The farmers had lived and worked the land for a long time by Lake Abaya in Gamo Gofa, in Southern Ethiopia.

It was an instant when the region’s police commandoes came escorting those Tigreans; they shot some seven farmers and that became the end of the story. It is one tragic drama written by the TPLF. It was a confrontation between those that counted the law to be on their side as citizens and the TPLF with all the rights under Ethiopia’s skies and relying on brute state force of unleashing violence.

Surely, this too resulted in lost lives and physical disablement of many farmers. Nobody was questioned and the dead were forgotten and that became the end of the story, as usual.

What happened is that the law, the police commandoes and the regional administration unashamedly stood by the TPLF criminals. The story on the chemical inputs industries is more of the same theme with variations of sorts.

The fact of the matter is that there are many regions in Ethiopia that have different kinds of chemical and mineral resources. Often, once their potentials have been explored, it is the TPLF people that come to benefit from it, funded by the Ethiopian Development Bank (DBE), financed by taxpayers.

Another interesting story the popular protest recently uncovered is how the TPLF has used Gondar as its production center of charcoal by Tigreans recruited makers from Tigray and elsewhere. What they had done was to cut Gondar trees, while Tigray saves its won. By so doing, Tigray has been supplied with the black ‘fuel’ for cooking by Tigray households.

The dumbing question is what was the Amhara Regional Administration doing, when this is happening, although the world knows by now that due to TPLF’s scheming an estimated 20 percent of Amhara National Democratic Front leadership is made of Tigreans, loyal TPLF.

It is a heart-breaking story to learn that Wolaytta is reported to have the best ginger in the world at Bolosso, where the TPLF prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn was has hailed from. With his becoming prime minister, since he happens to be devoted to serving the TPLF, his birthplace, by the account of his people, Bolosso has become poorer, TPLF reaping its best products.

On news of the ginger’s discovery at Bolosso, it is reported that immediately the Ethiopian Development Bank made available millions of dollars toward its processing and exporting to foreign markets under ownership of three TPLF members, according to ESAT.

It thus became destiny for the local population in Bolosso to remain witnesses to the enrichment of ‘others’ with political power under this so-called the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

This texture and vision of the new chemical inputs industries complex story is about the same scramble by the TPLF for Ethiopia’s resources to some predesigned end. Therefore, with the TPLF being the policymaker and implementor, and owning the military, security, the banks, importers, the promoters and foreign dealers and the merchants in its pocket TPLF has made the story again and again same all others, taking for a ride all Ethiopians on a bit grander scale and with serious implications to our down the road!

TEO’s plea to everyone is to let Ethiopia benefit from what it truly deserves, not such broad day light robbery. If Ethiopians let it be, the 18th century French lawyer and diplomat Joseph de Maistre would roll in his grave because of the dangerous implications to to our nation’s future, with the TPLF hanging on citizens’ necks as an albatross!


በሕወሃት ትዕዛዝ ከ5 ቢሊየን ብር በላይ በሆነ ወጪ የኬሚካል ኢንድስትሪዎች ኮምፕሌክስ ትግራይ ሊገነባ ነው፤ ሕወሃት ወይስ ኢትዮጵያ ተጠቃሚው?

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