Oromo student killed in his dormitory room at Adigrat University; suspicion points finger at TPLF security

31 Jan

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
Shumi Lemma Bekele was an Oromo freshman from Sendafa. On passing his university entrance examination, he was assigned at Adigrat University in Tigray region – the seat of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the ethnic minority regime running Ethiopia.

Shumi Lemma Bekele (ESAT)

Shumi Lemma Bekele (ESAT)

Shumi Lemma Bekele was found suddenly dead in his Adigrat University dormitory, according to ESAT news report.

Such deaths, either by poisoning or beating/shooting usually, are the work of TPLF assassins. Many Ethiopians have been killed in such manner, a condition in which their deaths are sudden and the assassins hiding deep inside the security structure remaining uncovered.

For instance, the case still fresh in the minds of Ethiopians fromm last November is that of Addise Zeleke. She was the Bahir Dar area female representative in the TPLF parliament. The regime saw her activism as a threat to its power and quietly silenced her in her office.

W/O Addise Zeleke at a meeting (From ESAT video)

W/O Addise Zeleke at a meeting (ESAT video)

Therefore, she too was found dead in the parliament building in her office, allegedly killed by an unknown assailant(s). Her body was sent to Bahir Dar, escorted by security forces. Ethiopians learned with surprise that the accompanying security officers refused anyone to see her body, family or friend.

What ties these two deaths is similarity of their ‘killing’ – two healthy persons suddenly expiring and the security refusing anybody to see their bodies. The reason may be because there were signs of attack or gunshot wounds, etc., that they wanted nobody to see or know. What is strange is the folly, if that is the case, why the TPLF security assume Ethiopians are dumb that they would not think or understand the regime has killed these people.

It is possible that they might think that such knowledge is necessary to either cower or desensitize the nation into submission to the TPLF!

While the action by the security forces is as choreographed as usual o the point of boredom, and stupid as it is, it is capable of boiling the blood even to discuss.

Shumi Lemma Bekele’s body was returned to his parents in the same manner as Woizero Addise Zeleke’s; it was accompanied by security officers – ‘honor by killers’. Close relatives were refused to see his body; under threat by the TPLF security forces they had to allow their son to be lowered six-feet under never to see him again.

The cruelty is immense, but what is so gut-wrenching is the TPLF temerity to try to make the public knowledge that the TPLF regime is the killer of their son and that this must be secret is unbearable.

What is now left in Shumi’s parents’ ears is his last telephone call of October 23, 2017 to them, according to the ESAT news report. He called them to inform them that he would join them in two weeks time once he was done with his studies and examinations.

Unfortunately, his returning to his parents was not meant to be, because of the ill-will of the TPLF – the butcher of Ethiopia!

A little different in the secrecy surrounding Shumi’s death is that he was seen in the library studying the evening before. It means that he was quiet all right. What eyewitnesses claim, according to ESAT, is a different story. They say he was killed. Some recall that there were student protests at Adigrat University days before his presumed killing.

University officials have refused to speak to the media – common disease in Ethiopia that has killed our humanity to each other!

Ethiopia under the TPLF has become a lawless nation; we saw in this story the state refuses autopsy in recognized and certified health centre, a must for burial in the civilized world to preclude murder of a citizen for any possible reason(s).

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