Timely Ethiopian teachers’ warning against TPLF divisiveness: Teachers accuse TPLF of promoting supremacy of its ethnic group at the expense of others

9 Feb

Editor’s Note:

    The article hereunder is a very serious warning by the Amhara region teachers about the consequences of ethnic discrimination primarily for the TPLF regime itself and also for the continued existence of Ethiopia.

    This comes a day before similar rebuke to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) from the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM). It is rather the strongest warning to date and the first of its kind by one of the four-member coalition of the Ethiopian Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) supposedly running Ethiopia.

    ANDM forewarned that, if the people of Tigray do not cooperate and collaborate with the people of Ethiopia, they should recognize that the time is not in their favor, citing the example of the deepening ‘hatred of the Amhara people towards TPLF’.

    In that context, ANDM urged Tigreans to honor their obligation to join the fight against destructive forces that sow the seeds of division amongst Ethiopians. Any attempt against the nation’s peace, ANDM noted, would be not only against to the leadership in power. But also the daily lives of ordinary citizens could be disrupted.

    In like manner, note that on February 8, 2017civil servants in Oromia became amongst the first in the nation to reject the TPLF regime’s endless meetings in the name of national renewal and reforms.

    People all over are angered by the TPLF regime’s bundles of lies it keeps on rolling out from time to time to deceive the public. Now lies and the cheating reached the limits, forcing the employees of the urban development and housing agency of Oromia to refuse to attend anymore of such meetings.

    Interestingly such sentiments in Ethiopia are the same all over. Late arriving news from SNNPR is showing the same protests occurring amongst civil servants regarding the endless TPLF deception about reform and renewal, which they rejected early this week.

    Already after temporary calming of the popular protests of the last one year, this should be taken as a huge signal, if only the TPLF could read it right and heed it, lest it greet it harvest its ultimate debacle!

    Day in and day out citizens’ patience has been challenged and unlike any time before impatience has started to set in. The TPLF leaders, the most hated vagabonds in power in Ethiopia in scores of decades, it seems, have now been served their notice from the public throughout the country.


Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
ESAT News, February 8, 2017: Teachers in the Amhara region say Ethiopia is a country where schools have been used as forums to promote the doctrine of a regime that works for the supremacy and dominance by one ethnic group.

The teachers in the Amhara region said schools are not free from the ethnic politics espoused by the ethnocentric regime.

A leaked minute from a conference by teachers in the Amhara region obtained by ESAT indicate that teachers in the region had enough of a Tigrean regime that only works to unfairly benefit Tigreans while at the same time deterring other ethnic groups.

The teachers have also expressed their grave concern that the quality of education is at its worst and the curriculum as well as the facts in textbooks have been deliberately altered to miseducate the generatio. The teachers further said at the conference that a considerable number of students attend classes hungry.

The conference by the teachers refute claims by the Tigrean ruling clique that it had the support of 85% of the teachers in the Amhara region. The teachers say only 5% of corrupted members of the school community have aligned themselves with the corrupt system.

The teachers at the five day conference also said it is deplorable that superintendents of schools were required to be ruling party members.

Raw materials have been taken out of the Amhara region to be used as inputs to factories built in Tigray, the teachers said adding that the regime’s only focus is accumulating wealth in Tigray at the expense of other people in the country.

The document obtained by ESAT also indicate that the teachers have demanded compensations to the lives lost in the hands of regime’s security forces as well as loss of property in the anti-government protests last year.

Several other grievances were also aired during the five day conference attended by close to 6,000 teachers in the Amhara region.


    ወደ የመን ከሚሰደዱት ስደተኞች ውስጥ 80 በመቶ ኢትዮጵያውን መሆናቸውን ተመድ አስታወቀ

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