Leaked confidential Debre Tabor Police information speaks of 112 citizens being killed in past 6 months; police could not establish identity of the victims

17 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
Quoting leaked police information, a Social media source has reported the killing by TPLF regime security forces of 112 Ethiopians in the past six months alone in Debre Tabor town, Amhara Region.

The source also indicated that police could not establish the identity of the massacred citizens, all of the expired individuals bearing bullet wounds. Unable to identify the fallen citizens, police are gravitating to the conclusion that these individuals could have been brought from other localities and shot in and around Debre Tabor.

Most finds of these human remains are found in the localities of Ajebar, Hamus Gebeya, Tabor, Aygatt, Selassie Church backyards and Aba Belay Wuha have become dumping grounds for dead bodies, shot by the security forces, according to the leaked police information.

The working assumption of Debre Tabor Police is the possibility of the TPLF security bringing the targeted individuals from Gojjam and/or northern Gondar, hotspots of the challenges against the TPLF regime.

According to this leaked police information, while from the time of the intensification of the popular protests beginning August 2016 in Amhara Region, residents of Debre Tabor have been used to finding in the streets and in the said localities dead bodies.

What is worrisome is the fact that the number of shot and killed individuals in the town has of late significantly increased.

The fact that policemen leak such dreadful information is real indication of how much they are shocked by the regime’s cruelty and inhuman actions against fellow citizens.

The so-called state-financed Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, headed by a core member of the TPLF, has not lifted finger to investigate this dreadful information possibly is an added reason the killing being the work of the regime’s security forces.

Those Ethiopians who have managed to get the information deserve appreciation. At the same time, the task of saving our country from this tragedy could be ended faster if all activists act to end the oppressor’s rule, instead of behaving like a canary in the coalmine. The bird sings to warn miners of danger. Its role ends there.

Those activist Ethiopians should attach equal importance to a coordinated struggle with other forces. They should be doing everything within their possibilities in collaboration with others toward ensuring equality and a democratic future for all Ethiopians within a united Ethiopia!
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