TPLF & the law:                               Judge in Gondar abducted by TPLF security while presiding over court business

21 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Social media from Gondar report that Judge Benyam Yohannes was abducted Tuesday from within his court by TPLF security force, while hearing witness testimonies in the case against Col Demeke Zewdu, according to a news flash by Ayalew Menber.

The judge is reported to be locked in Gondar Police Station One.

Col Demeke Zewdu is seen as Amhara hero in Gondar, who is totally opposed to the TPLF seizing Wolkayit and all other Amhara lands. He has been a member of the Wolqaiyt Committee.

Col. Demeke Zewdu, former UN peacekeeper (Borkena)

Col. Demeke Zewdu, former UN peacekeeper (Borkena)

The colonel was put in prison at the beginning of the Ethiopian political crisis in 2016 in Amhara, after he stood against TPLF operations within Gondar including to seize him, without the knowledge of the Amhara Regional Government in Bahir Dar.

Judge Benyam Yohannes was confronted with the fate of abduction because of the court order he had written to the prison where Col. Demeke Zewdu was to prevent any human rights violations such as torture against the prisoner, according to the latest news coming from Gondar.

This daring act by the TPLF of kidnapping a judge from his bench, while he was carrying out his court duties indicates the many anomalies in TPLF’s governance of Ethiopia. It is possible that this would further deepen the crisis in Amhara Region that has kept burning the longstanding anger of citizens over TPLF incorporation of Amhara lands into Tigray.

The Amharas have been accusing the TPLF of feverishly working to create ‘Greater Tigray’, which it is preparing to secede from Ethiopia.

The frustration in the region is such that, a public opinion poll undertaken by the TPLF regime whether the present martial law that came into force in October 2016 should be lifted, returned a unanimous response overwhelmingly indicated that the people did not care about the things that they were not consulted in the first instance, according to ESAT.

A question pertaining to whether there is Tigrean domination in Ethiopia, the response was overwhelmingly in the affirmative.

In a full throttled response, the latest public opinion also showed how much the TPLF has become an object of hatred.

Gondar has persisted in its refusal to pay taxes and in its refusal to participate in any civil society – state (governmental/collaborative) activities.

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