Gondar judges threaten to go on strike protesting TPLF abducting one of their own from his bench

23 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Angered by the kidnapping of Judge Benyam Yohannes from his court last week, Gondar judges have given warning to the TPLF regime that they would go on strike unless their colleague is set free, according to Gulilat Dejene’s news flash from the area on social media.

Godnar judges are in disbelief how supposedly a government could behave like a brigand kidnapping individual citizens, much less a judge who was on his bench carrying out his duties.

Col. Demeke Zewdu, former UN peacekeeper (Borkena)

Col. Demeke Zewdu, former UN peacekeeper (Borkena)

During the abduction by TPLF security, Judge Benyam Yohannes was on his bench presiding over testimonies of witnesses in connection with Col. Demeke Zewdu’s case. The colonel is a hero for the people of Gondar and other Ethiopians, when he stood against TPLF attack of citizens in the early days of the Ethiopian protest that shook the regime’s core. He stood against TPLF commando operations within Gondar without the knowledge of the Amhara Regional Government.

That story was first reported in English on this page Tuesday under the title: TPLF & the law: Judge in Gondar abducted by TPLF security while presiding over court business.

Judges throughout Gondar have threatened to be on strike, unless one of their colleagues the TPLF has kidnapped from his bench is not immediately released.

This abduction of the judge, pre-medieval in form and content indicates, as we stated days ago, the deep-rooted anomalies in TPLF governance of Ethiopia – very much roguish – which affirms that the political crisis in Ethiopia is deepening, notwithstanding the TPLF lies about the uncertainties the country is yet to lurch.

At the heart of the issue is Col. Demeke Zewdu, who is propelled into the status of a national icon because of his strong stand against TPLF annexation of Amhara lands into Tigray, the objective of which is the creation of ‘Greater Tigray’, the TPLF has vowed and been working feverishly, despite opposition from the people of Ethiopia.

The frog in TPLF’s throat is Col. Demeke Zewdu being long-time member of the Wolqayit Committee, a body that is working to ensure return of Amhara territories and the citizens thereof to where they have historically belonged: Amhara Regional State.

The TPLF targeted Judge Benyam Yohannes for taking a stand against torture in prison, after he heard that the colonel was being mistreated along with other prisoners. The judge sent order to prison officials to end such illegal practices, which, instead of combatting illegal actions such as tortures in state prisons, the TPLF saw as protection of its mortal enemy.

Overall Gondar has proved the sharp end of the spear for the TPLF regime, whose challenge keeps on rocking the center of TPLF power, as neighboring state for Tigray, home of the regime currently running Ethiopia.

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