Haters’ Facebook diaries!            TPLF’s anti-Ethiopianism & its rotten ethnic politics, Daniel Berhane’s too!

13 Mar

Posred by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
From Sammy Muluneh’s Facebook page

We were angry at TEO, after we read this abomination two days after the TPLF let our citizens perish at Koshe. It failed to take care of them, while pretending to be in state power. Yet it had time to teach small children that are not even properly potty-trained, but ‘clever’ enough to hate Ethiopians!

Here is TEO’s response on Sammy’s page to the youngman and his/her likes:

I am not sure today’s Tigray is all a story of hard work and industrialization. For all we know, it is largely a product of TPLF nepotism, deception and ethnic politics — the very stink in our nation today.

Of course, this trouble is not Ethiopian in origin. And it would be with us only for a while. This is, simply because the TPLF is so ugly and not everyone wants to be with it. And yet, I worry, the rogue Front is taking down with itself to the gutter some of our Tigrean brothers and sisters!

Tomorrow is a different day and history would give its verdict!

While at it, TPLF has come with a new attack of Ethiopians through Daniel Berhane, as follows:

I had written him on his FB, this is the lowest of the low, coming as it does from the TPLF! Stolen wealth and arrogance of power has subverted the minds of these people!

Ethiopians will prevail!


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