Dictatorship-beaten nation could never rise for anything good, but prison & deaths now also Koshe so far claiming 72 lives

14 Mar

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The TPLF regime’s everyday focus is how it could tighten its grip on power. Yes, with its martial law, whose six months shelflife has already expired in the eyes of the nation’s law (Article 93 (3)), it continues to impose fear and lawlessness across the nation, imprisoning and killing citizens at will.

This simply means that Ethiopia is no country with the rule of law. It is the will of the TPLF that has been causing the nation’s misery in these past 26 years, such as this tragedy – an added authenticity of its authoritarianism.

Therefore, in a country that for long has been denied of good and accountable governance the latest announcement on the state media the death toll at the Koshe dump reaching 72. These deaths are judgement against the TPLF regime the world has already contemptibly acknowledged.

The Associated Press Tuesday quotes officials saying they have already relocated hundreds of people from the landfill, where waste-pickers salvaged items to make a living and others found inexpensive housing. Amnesty explained why it took that view, as follows:

“These people, including many women and children, had no option but to live and work in such a hazardous environment because of the government’s failure to protect their right to adequate housing, and decent work.”

Amnesty International on March 13 put out an article titled Ethiopia’s government failures to blame for dozens of deaths at rubbish dumnp.

On his part, the mayor of Addis Abeba has promised to rehabilitate survivors at a community center in Kolfe.

Embarrassingly the mayor did not indicate what resources the TPLF regime would utilize. As is always the case with this regime, Mayor Diriba Kuma systematically put the financing responsibility on the lap of domestic and foreign assistance.

At the height of the Ethiopian protests, the TPLF illegally authorized the use of the resources of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, public money, to support dislocated Tigreans from SNNPR and Gondar.

Illegal as that use is, I am not suggesting that to be repeated. The state must allocate resources to set up Koshe surviving citizens and to see to the rehabilitation of those Ethiopians. Ethnicity should not be used as basis to discriminate one group against the other!

Recall that, on the occasion of the TPLF 42nd anniversary, the who of who of the ruling party were at the world’s most expensive Burj Al-Arab Jumeriah Hotel two weeks ago, flown in free and chartered five Ethiopian Airlines planes and three days of dining and winning at a poor nation’s expenses.

Moreover, it is still fresh in the minds of Ethiopians what the minister of information and communication technology Debretsion Gebremichael, deputy chairman of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), wrote on his Facebook in August 2016: “TPLF force is capable of destroying the whole of Africa, much less 30 million population [Amharas]”!

In the light of this, isn’t reasonable to demand these corrupt TPLF administration to pay part of what it has looted from the nation to rehabilitate and compensate those citizens in distress, instead of coming cap in hand for international kindness?

After all, the criminal act responsible for 72 lives so far at Koshe Garbage Dump is the hallmark of TPLF irresponsibility, pointing fingers at the authoritarian regime’s unaccountability!

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