Deceptive move:                                   TPLF tinkers with its martial law frightened to end all together the curb on civil & human rights

15 Mar

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Days after the Koshe Garbage Dump that thus far has claimed the lives of over 90 people due to the negligence of the ethnic apartheid forces in power in Ethiopia, the TPLF regime through its Command Post Wednesday announced pulling back some features of the State of Emergency Law it imposed on October 8, 2016 throughout the nation.

Accordingly, the details of the revision not available to the public, Minister of Defense Siraj Fergesa announced that under the revised Articles (1) and (2) of the existing law members of the notorious and corrupt Command Post can no longer search homes nor apprehend individuals without court order, or censor any media.

To the unsuspecting, this latest TPLF ploy sounds about time and good. Unfortunately, it is all a dupe the TPLF has been so well known. This article would show readers that this effort is a foolish move on the part of the ethnic apartheid TPLF regime. It is intended to divert domestic and international opinion that has condemned it as the culprit state power that is responsible for the huge losses of lives at Koshe. These were people who had thought they had ran away from TPLF’s hunt for the lands it could grab, even destroying homes on the heads of residents.

Under this revised law, phony as it is, the curb on civil rights would never be removed so long as the authoritarian TPLF regime remains in power. To begin, with Ethiopia has no free and independent judiciary under the TPLF. The judges in this single party state both at the federal or state courts are party cadres that live for their greed, not the nation’s development and the wellbeing of citizens.

It is no secret that in its quarter century in power, what the TPLF has been doing is to castrate state institutions and depriving them of their autonomy in disregard of the laws decreeing their mandates. Therefore, Ethiopians in vain have been clamouring for transparency and accountable governance. In so doing, all that citizens have gained is, as the international community knows full well, imprisonments individuals and groups charged as terrorists and the Security forces killings them in broad daylight.

On the morrow this TPLF martial law was imposed across Ethiopia, we held the principled view informed by history and experince:

The essential question must be whether citizens could know the difference between being under the TPLF state of emergency or the TPLF normalcy. In a country where the security interests of the regime have taken precedence over everything else, with the rule of law as its first casualty, the TPLF has made sure that it [has] ruled with an iron fist hoping it would last in power until the Second Coming.

TPLF has been imprisoning journalists, censoring news papers and, through its And-Le-Amst (one person being responsible for the behavior of four others in the family, neighborhoods, farms, factories, offices, etc.,) [thereby controlling] the thoughts and breaths of citizens, with fear as its key and lock. Therefore, the differential whether under TPLF marshal law or the non-quality of life of Ethiopians is likely to be insignificant. It started long ago, when the TPLF was allowed to give itself the freedom to control the churches, mosques and finally the minds of citizens.

The extent of slavery under the TPLF is such that since April 2014 the TPLF has made it its practice to go to school premises and university campuses and shoots students and teachers.

Consequently, the difference is really not that significant. Probably, the only danger that tops everything is the freedom TPLF operatives would enjoy to go around and rob houses and families by day and night under the guise of the emergency measures – as happened during the Moslem protests when robbing jewelries, household stuff and monies, raping women, etc.

In the circumstances, with today’s tinkering on the margins of the TPLF’s cruelest martial law, Ethiopians should not expect to enjoy their human rights and civil liberties, under what the Front refers to reform state of emergency.

The decades long subjugation of Ethiopians has left them fearful, forcibly servile due to the state violence and unfair laws. The ethnic apartheid forces have been rewriting the destiny of citizens as becoming among the top migrants and asylum-seekers the world over, including in war-torn Yemen and African nations that have filled prisons.

One more fact is that the State of Emergency Law of October 8, 2016 has already expired and the nation is being run by a law that violates the Constitution’s provisions under Article 93 (3), which states:

“A state of emergency decreed by the Council of Ministers, if approved by the House of Peoples’ Representatives, can remain in effect up to six months. The House of Peoples’ Representatives may, by a two-thirds majority vote, allow the state of emergency proclamation to be renewed every four months successively.”

The TPLF mafia rule by force, and when they want, by decree – lawless as the TPLF has been. TPLF’s history of Ethiopia’s governance has become for our people a source of sorrows, leaving much to be desired in an otherwise a promising country about the possibility of its progress for all under better and accountable administration, with ethnicity no hinderance as at present!

Consequently, Ethiopians need, as in 1994 and like South Africans, to believe that there is nothing that can be reformed in the Dedebit mafia.

It goes without saying that no Ethiopian can any longer be deceived by the Dedebit ethnic Boers apartheid system prevailing in our country at the moment. The Boers were settlers of Dutch ancestry, whose colonialism in South Africa later made them the infamous authors of the cruel and ghastly race-based apartheid system in that country.

The TPLF must only be crushed and swept of the face of Ethiopia. Only then can Ethiopians be assured of their freedom and dignity as citizens in our beautiful Motherland!

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