Like TPLF-run Ethiopia, Turkey may become Europe’s polarized society!

17 Apr

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

I felt a lot of anguish for Turkey, as the public went to decide on constitutional issues the referendum has placed before them.

As citizen of another unfortunate nation, Ethiopia, which has fallen prey to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) repression, misgovernance and banditry, I tried to share with them – as a warning and moments before the referendum – our experiences after change of the 1995 Constitution.

All said and done, what the making of the NEW constitution did was to install the most despotic ethnic-based leadership in the country for the first time, which now is in its 26th year in power. Amazingly, the TPLF through dictator Meles Zenawi spoke in public that the TPLF would rule Ethiopia for the next half century, if not more. That now is a fate awaiting Turks that now are in stepchildren relationship with Europe.

Article 72 in Ethiopia’s new constitution ended up vesting all national powers in the hands of the chief executive of the Ethiopian state. Literally, it means, Ethiopia was reduced to a mere shareholder company, state power falling exclusively in the hands of a single individual.

In Ethiopia, the law is an instrument in the hands of the TPLF to enable it maintain its power until the Second Coming!

Parliament is an entity set up for consumption of Western advocates of democracy to help them justify the aid they funnel into Ethiopia to their taxpayers. Its members are hand-picked by the TPLF. For that matter, as Marxist-Leninist in its political tradition, the TPLF has hamstrung them by outdated ‘democratic centralism’ principle. This has made the members loyal to the party’s positions and decisions.

In the first place, nobody could be elected to parliament or government offices in Ethiopia without being its member for a quarter century in power!

On twitter, I lamented Saturday and Sunday for the people of Turkey; this was because as an Ethiopian I realize what Recep Tayyip Erdogan was aiming at and doing. Thus I wrote:

After Erdogan’s victory, I reiterated the same with different words, rather thinking of the future:

With Erdogan, as the most powerful president, I worry about Ethiopia. After China, Turkey has become the main investor and arms supplier.

CNN reported Monday that international monitors had delivered a scathing verdict for: (a) idea of granting expansive powers to the president; and (b) the manner in which this controversial referendum was carried out.

The international observers are on record noting: “The legal framework remained inadequate for the holding of a genuinely democratic referendum.” Furthermore, they added: “The legal framework for the referendum neither sufficiently provides for impartial coverage nor guarantees eligible political parties equal access to public media.”

In the past, I had been criticizing the ruling TPLF regime for allowing the teaching of Chinese, Korean and Turkish languages in Ethiopia’s universities as non-elective courses/languages, in a country that is going down with every passing year in its human resources development, accroding to UNDP’s indices.

Worst of all, Erdogan has been eyeing Ethiopia with Islamic glasses. He has allocated funds to revive the Ottoman tradition in the city of Harar. I discussed this matter in an article Ottoman nostalgia? Ethiopia’s Harar becomes shrine to Turkish gov’t officials, tourists & NGOs, which still worries me as Islamists are gaining upper hand in Turkey.

Under Erdogan’s instruction, by the Turkish state devoted $1.7 billion through that country’s international development agency, TIKA. The money was utilized for the construction of rail line and the restoration of their consulate building which belonged to Ottoman Empire in eastern Ethiopian city of Harar.

If one watches closely, Erdogan wanted revival of the Ottoman Empire in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia and Somalia as prime candidates.

Under the unpatriotic TPLF, Ethiopia’s saga is not and cannot end, without doing more damages to the nation’s long-term interests!

What can one say about the honorless and constantly hungry buffoons, who offer for sale national territory every time they feel insecure?

In Ethiopian history, their likes are only relics of medieval salesmen of lands, big and small. The one that readily comes to mind is Sultan Ibrahim, who is seen as traitor as one that sold Asab to Italy!

Sudan has been offered Ethiopian territory in the west, save the patriotic farmers in the area that have become fire under the feet of Sudanese soldiers and border guards.

The British were led into Ethiopia by traitors from the north that sought to get weapons from the colonialists and finally be able to rule Ethiopia! Greed – for whatever power, monies, etc., – is the people’s enemy in every nation!

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