Talks between ruling party & opposition dominated by TPLF

19 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
Fana Wednesday reported that on their ninth session, the ruling party and the legal opposition that were in engaged in the talks to open up Ethiopia’s political space have agreed to designate leaders and members of the negotiating committee.

Accordingly, Ato Gebru Breh and Asmelsash Gebreselassie, the latter who led the witch-hunt campaign against Dr. Merera Gudina eventually resulting in his incarceration, charged with crime of “terrorism and subverting the constitutional order”, are elected as members of the committee in charge of agenda setting for the negotiations and media matters.

The negotiating committee is to be headed by: Asefa Habtewold of AEUP as Chairman, Wasiyhun Tesfaye of EDP as first vice-chairman; and Alemayehu Demeke of New Generation Party, first deputy vice-chairman.

In two weeks time, the agenda for the negotiations would be ready and the members are expected to start their work.

If what is reported here is the way we understand it, the TPLF regime has bagged in everything, as expected. Few are citizens that expect anything to come out of this. Therefore, nothing would change in the country.

The process started by this may only be useful to Western supporters of the regime. It would enable them to say the opposition is part of the Ethiopian political processes.

However, if these countries think carefully in good time, and in the interest of Ethiopia’s peace and stability, they could only save themselves from being duped by the TPLF regime!

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