TORTURE IN ETHIOPIA!           በሕወሃት እሥር ቤቶች የሚፈጸሙ የሠቆቃ ዐይነቶችን ያጋለጠ ሚሥጢር ሾልኮ ወጣ!

24 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Dr. Demeke Gessesse via Hirut Hailu

“እግዚዖ ማእረነ ክርስቶስ!:

ማእከላዊ ለሁለት ዓመት አሰቃይተው የገደሉት አንድ ወንድም ከመሞቱ ሦስት ወራት በፊት በብጣሽ ወረቀት በኮሌታ ውስጥ አሾልኮ ያደረሰው መልእክት ሲነበብ፤
“የእስር ቤት ውሏችን እና የማሰቃያ አይነቶች በጥቂቱ፤

1. ስንጥር ወይም የጋለ ብረት በፊንጢጣ ውስጥ ማስገባት፣
2. አፉን ፈልቅቆ እንዲከፈት አድርጎ በማሰር ሽንታቸውን በአፋችን መሽናት፣
3. ትልቅ ክብ ብረት በቆለጣችን ላይ አስሮ ማሰቃየት፣
4. በሲባጎ ብልትን አስሮ ማሰቃየት፣
5. አእምሮን የሚያስት አናታችን ላይ የሚደረግ እጅግ ቀዝቃዛ ነገር፣
6. ወፌ ላላ አስሮ መግረፉ፣
7. በጉጥት የእግር እና የእጅ ጥፉሮችን እያስለፈለፉ መንቀል፣
8. ሴቶችን ለሁለት እና ለሦስት ፊታቸውን በጥቁር ጨርቅ ሸፉነው መድፈር፣ በካሜራ ድርጊቱን መቅረፅ፣
9. በውሃ ጥም ማሰቃየት፣
10. የሻገተ ዳቦ እንድንበላ ማስገደድ፣
12. ተዘቅዝቀን ታስረን መገረፉ፣
13. እጅግ ቀዝቃዛ በርሜል ውሃ ውስጥ መንከር፣
እኔን እና ጓደኞቼን የሚያሰቃዮን አንድም ቀን ከድምፃቸው እና ቁመናቸው ውጭ መልካቸውን አይተናቸው አናውቅም።”
ምንጭ:-ዶ/ር ደመቀ ገሰሰ”


God save the human race from these 13 cruel forms of torture in TPLF’s prisons*

1. Pushing into the rectum of a prisoner stick or hot iron
2. Opening wide an inmate’s mouth and urinating into it
3. Hanging down from the scrotum round piece of metal
4. Tying the scrotum with strings and inflicting pain
5. Emplacing on the head extremely cold ‘thing’ the pain of which deprives sense and sanity
6. Suspending in upside position an inmate and lashing
7. Plucking out nails of the hands and feet with the use of tongs
8. Covering the face of a woman prisoner with black piece of cloths and raping her for two or three, while the action is recorded on camera
9. Torturing an inmate with thirst by depriving water
10. Forcing inmates to eat old moldy bread
11. Suspending an inmate upside down and beating
12. Forcing down an inmate into a barrel filled with ice-cold water

A victim of these nationally and internationally-prohibited forms of torture, died after suffering two years of incarceration at Maekelawi Prison. He could manage to spirit out the above list, hidden inside the collar of his prison cloth.

What tortured most he and his inmate-friends and himself was not being able to see the masked faces of their torturers, whose overall sizes and voices they recognize.”
*Unofficial translation


    TORTURE IN ETHIOPIA! ሕወሃት በኢትዮጵያውያን ላይ ስለሚፈጽማቸው ሰቆቃዎች ከአቶ ሃብታሙ አያሌው የሁለት ዓመታት ሥቃይ – ከባድ ቢሆኑም ብዙ መታዘብ ይቻላል

    For Habtamu Ayalew’s sake & the many nameless TPLF-victims, Dr. Tedros Adhanom must finally show decency by withdrawing his name from candidacy for WHO director-general post!


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