Mineral marketing official arrested, allegedly for tampering with oromia export minerals

29 Apr

Editor’s Note:

    It is normal that people are imprisoned under pretext in Ethiopia, the public not knowing what is happening. Unusual to that practice of seeing on a daily basis people being shipped to prison and families not allowed to visit, this case is being widely publicized.

    Is it because of the individual’s ethnic origin, or attempt to show that there is bad blood in Ethiopia in every corner?


Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by The Reporter
Oromia Regional State Police arrested Tewolde Tekleberhan, director of Mineral marketing and Value Chain Directorate with the Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas, in Modjo town on April 21 in connection with an export mineral shipment.

Reliable sources at the ministry told The Reporter that the Modjo town police arrested Tewolde accusing him of a wrong doing with a mineral shipment coming from south Oromia some months back. “A couple of months ago, the Modjo Police ceased a mineral shipment (gemstones) coming to Addis Ababa at Modjo town checkpoint. But since the shipment was legal Tewolde wrote a letter to the Modjo police demanding the release of the shipment. The mineral cargo had all the required legal shipment documents. Accordingly, the shipment was released. For unclear reasons the Modjo police arrested Tewolde in connection with that shipment released some months back,” a senior official of the Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas told The Reporter.

As head of the Mineral marketing and Value Chain Directorate Tewolde is responsible for the inspection of the origins of gemstones and tantalum minerals destined for export market. He inspects the validity of the trade permit of the owner of the mineral and checks if royalty payment is paid to the regional state. After that they seal the minerals and accompany the shipment to Airport Customs Office.

Tewolde is expected to appear before court this week. “The ministers instructed the legal department to follow his case,” sources told The Reporter.

Attempts to reach the Modjo Police were not successful until The Reporter went to press.

The Mineral Marketing and Value Chain Directorate was established two years ago after it was separated from the Artisanal mining Transaction and Coordination Directorate.

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